Author Topic: Runescape Players Generally Applaud Anything  (Read 1630 times)

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Runescape Players Generally Applaud Anything
« on: February 26, 2020, 02:41:02 PM »
Every MMO is similar to this, they render the match'obsolete'with expansion and every succeeding update. The majority of the time that they don't even refresh the mainline high end content like raids, which is also rendered obsolete -- hence the hardcore runescape playerbases are abandoned grinding out whatever content is included in the new expansion (that can be made increasingly smaller with each iteration). I stopped RuneScape Gold 7 years ago. I'd worked hard on my account over the years it to be secured to RS3. It pains me because I'd really like to play with it OSRS is a thing. However, **** beginning quests and my stats around. Too much of a time sink. I would still be playing if they'd let me transfer my advancement. It's the loss of Jagex.

RuneScape has fallen from grace in the past few years. Runescape players have left in droves due to the implementation of heavy MTX promotions and lots of broken promises concerning promised new content which was finally s****ped (group ironman, expansions, lender rework to name a few.) It was initially a maintained version of runescape circa late 2007 free from the infamous December 10th upgrade that haemorrhaged the majority of the runescape player base. It has since received free to perform aid, an open PvP game mode with 5X hastened XP rates, a brand-new continent, heaps of new quests, items, dungeons and bosses, whilst preserving the inner workings of the core sport. Best of all, it's done this in a way without the power creep and bloat that T95, T90, T92 and T80 content in RS3 did.

That having been said, OSRS hasn't been free from controversy. Fears of a serious statistics breach that emerged last year were confirmed when it emerged a corrupt Jagex team member had been funnelling billions of in game gold out of runescape participant accounts for months and selling it on for real world cash.

Rs3 is still quite rewarding and they can push mtx with little pushback compared to osrs (there's pushback for a number of the worst of it, but RuneScape Mobile gold    players generally applaud anything which produces the current situation less bad). How rs3 is has been exaggerated. It is going to last another 5-10 years with busy development and probably more if present trends stay.