December 2010
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SNES Myth SD Menu v0.52

v0.52 of the SNES menu has been released:

YouTube video:

New in this version:

* Much faster game loading from SD if you've got the 2.4 firmware on your Myth (this firmware hasn't been released yet but hopefully Dr Neo will release it soon). I get speeds of about 95-110 kB/s with my […]

The SMS4/MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.09 [Dec.28th 2010]

The SMS4/MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.09 [Dec.28th 2010]more info:,6440.0.html history:

[2010-12-28 V1.09]* update the SNES Myth SD Menu to v0.51 * update the Neo Myth Menu to Deluxe v2.5 * fix the GBA menu,now can play GBA roms again,and with SMS function



.PCE header removal tool

Well,, not much to say…..This is a tool i've made that removes the "SNES" header from a .pce rom file.

DownloadsWindows build :;topic=6438.0;attach=2681Source code :;topic=6438.0;attach=2682 (or )


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SNES Myth SD Menu v0.51

Ok, v0.51 is available:

Youtube video:

New in this version is mirroring of 20 Mbit ROMs (primarily Street Fighter II Turbo since that's the only one I know of so far). The mirroring is pretty slow right now. I can probably speed it up a bit, but that'll have to wait until after […]

Neo Myth Menu Deluxe v2.5

Here's version 2.5 of the menu for the MD Myth. Changes include:

– Fixed save ram setup for SMS games. This has been broken for some time and only one person noticed!– Added ability to use GG/PAR codes on SMS games in flash, and IPS patches on the SD card; note – this requires an […]

SNES Myth menu now with SD support!

The new SNES Myth Shell v0.50 is now available for download. You can find it at the same place as before:

A short video showing some of the features:

Info taken from the readme (key parts in bold):

Using SD cards**************

Take an SD card that has been formatted with FAT16 or FAT32.Create […]

NEO SMS4 in stock now!

NEO SMS4 in stock now!

more info:,6419.0.html

NDS SMS4 FINAL SPEC:◇ New generation design, more faster and stable◇ High speed USB Plug and Play, driver FREE◇ 6X speed up, backup 512M ROM just need 7 minutes◇ Support more special NDS game cart and save type◇ Support NDS game save data backup/restore◇ Support NDS ROM/Firmeare […]