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The Neo2 Pro Manager v1.32 released [23th.July 2013]

The Neo2 Pro Manager v1.32  released [23th.July 2013]
more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,7645.0.html

* The v1.32 can support SMS4 / MD / N64 / SNES / PC-Engine / SEGA MKIII / NeoGeo MagicKey (use neo_kit_kernal) / NeoFlash2(pro) / Neo3-SD etc. devices.
* Fixed the SMS4 can’t support special symbol with the nds cart title name like “/” & “:” when try to dump the NDS cart.
* Fixed the issue of when try to backup Neoflash cart SRAM save data to PC, can’t create the backup file.(note: please don’t save to Driver C:)
* Now can detect the NEO3-SD cart and show in the bottom status line, but need to use “Menu Write” function to write the data to it in the “Memory” section still.
* Added the SNK magickey menu update files in the Kernal_Kit section,and support auto verify after update finished.
* In the PC-E section, changed the “USA” option to “USA-TG16”, to avoid make USA user confuse.
* Fixed the PC-E save cart backup/restore the PC-E game save data function.
* Supported the different myth cart type detect and show in the bottom status line.
* Update the below myth menu to the last version:
SNES Myth menu  for SNES update to v0.60 
NeoN64Menu for N64 update to v2.6b5
NeoMythMenuDX for MD update to v2.93
thanks: ChillyWilly , mic_ , conle , sanni and all friends :)

How to use the “NEO2 Kit Kernal” to upgrade the Neo SNK Magickey menu?
1. Use the USB cable to link the PC and Magickey;
2. Click the “NEO2 Kit Kernal” icon on the desk screen and execute;

3. Select the “Flash_ID.xml” and click the “Start To Run” button;
If the program report the ID is “00 89 00 17”, then select “SNK_MagicKey_v2_bios.xml” this code to run;
If the program report the ID is “00 89 88 C3”, then select “SNK_MagicKey_v2-1602C3B.xml” this code to run;
4. Done.

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