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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2012 is closed! Have 31 entries total

The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2012 is closed! Have 31 entries total
Here are the entries list for this compo 2012:  
more info:,7485.0.html
The Game division, total 20 entries Author
[PSP Game] OpenRPG By musky44
[NDS Game] Bubble Fight NEO By relminator
[NDS Game] A Cup of Tea – Super Yeti Edition (ACOTSYE) By smealum
[PCE Game] Island Adventure By sarang
[NDS Game] LemIstIo (RPG) By LeRodeur
[SNES Game] Tchou  By dieudunet
[PSP Game] Runaway Car By 10$man
[NDS Game] Mr. Robot and his robot factory By maRk2512
[NDS Game] Spirits DS – 25th Anniversary By NightFox
[GBA Game] Holy Hell By genecyst
 [GBA Game] A Werewolf Tale – WIP By genecyst
[Atari 2600 Game] Cyber Willy By theloon
[NES Game] I Wanna Flip the Sky By TomL
[Wii Game] Harmony’s Nightmare By Mr. Reaper
[SNES Game] MazezaM Challenge By alekmaul
[N64 Game] Yeti3D Pro By ChillyWilly
[NDS Game] SyobonAction DS By leinad 
[Wii Game] Piipe Paniic By miguel28
[Wii Game] Digger By Sektor
[NDS Game] Starfall By DesertDog
The App division, total 11 entries Author
[NDS App] FPS Maker By smealum
[PSP App] Wifihack By m.rr
[NDS App] AnimEDS: Animation Editor for DS By PypeBros
[NDS App] vibratorDS By Nehrem
[NDS App] DS Weather By WolfSpider
[PSP App]Take your Time – Anti Stress Audio Tool By leviadragon
[Wii App] Music Painter By Mr. Reaper
[PSP App] PSPInfo By m.rr
[N64 App] ControllerTest By sanni
[Multi-Platform] BAGASM(RC3)-Assembly Like Scripting Interpreter By BassAceGold
[NDS App] DSDaft – Daft Punk for the Nintendo DS By corenting
Like before, your review is welcome very much —,151.0.html  
And thanks leinad , he has make a nice download link for all entries :
Zip files:  
APP Only (41 MB):
GAME Only (56 MB):
7z file (smaller file, but requires the 7zip programm instead of just the Windows integrated packer):
We will announce the final TOP 3 winners in the first week of Sep. 🙂

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