January 2008
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XtenDS 7.2 DS GAMEMAKER – Sprites, Backgrounds, Sounds, Ifs….

I understand that a long time ago, when XtenDS was first released, people discarded it as trash because of it's lack of functions and options. I agree with them now, it was overly simple, however let's forget the past and concentrate on what XtenDS 7.2 has to offer.

more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,4774.0.html

If you don't know what XtenDS is, it is a gamemaker where you can make DS Games by just clicking to assign backgrounds, where you want sprites and more. See below.

 + Sprites – on either/both screens, any size that PALib supports, simple click to add, right click to remove, supports Magenta transparency
 + Backgrounds – on either/both screens, high 16 bit or average EasyBG mode, backgrounds too large automatically resized in either tile or stretch mode (ideal for photos, wallpapers, images from Google)
 + Sounds – 57 .raw files included, easily playable with XtenDS events system. Option to choose sound channel for sounds to be played through in preferences screen, can add own sounds easily converted with Switch/Audacity
 + Splash Screens – Set a condition (Start, stylus etc), screen – top/bottom, and image to show
 + If – Test condition using the inbuilt expression builder, easy to make conditions using drop down boxes, such as Pad.Newpress.A, also includes End If and Else functions for complex structures
 + Scripts – Easily execute scripts stored in XtenDS/Scripts folder. They will need to be in PALib C++ format, but a code editor/script manager is included with Insert Varilable tools, comment tool etc.
 + Move Sprite with D-Pad, ability to move a sprite on the screen using the D-pad with just one event added
 + More error handling and high compile-success rate with newer system
 + Emulator support – launches an emulator straight after compile with your game in it, you can configure 2 if the first falls out, e.g. exe not found
 + Ability to have the game pause when the DS lid is closed
 + Advanced Options – set Palet name, Transparent color, Background Quality, Sound channel, compile includes and more
 + System scan – finds errors with PALib/devkitpro setup, like missing environment variables, missing paths

Not only are all these changes positive, your games are strored in just 1 file (e.g. Monkeys.xds), meaning less chance for bugs, and they can be stored anywhere on your PC.

Much more is included than what I can think of right now, plus the install is less than 5 megabtes! Also, there has been a big documentation rewrite, it is now a full step-by-step tutorial from download to scripting.

Please try to forget what the Alpha was like, now we are striving for the best DS Gamemaker available!

 – Invisionsoft

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