February 2010
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IC2005 Smart Shop

Madmonkey’s opensource Neo myth programmer(GUI Test version)

Ok, time for gui version. it's not completely finished yet, but usable enough. progress indicators are a bit off, and there could be other "features", though they should not affect functionality.as a last thought I added vgm support for flash(not sure if it will work, but anyway).menu>64k will work just like 64k menu now.still not […]

The new Neoflash team wiki page announcement & wiki intro guide

Yay! the new neo wiki page is finally up and readyfor your own additions and flashcart reviews!

Visit the main page of the wiki by clicking this link:http://www.neoflash.com/wiki/

More information and how to join the wiki team can be found here

The source code of SNES/SFC Myth Cart menu v0.05

Neoflash team has just released the full assembly source code of SNES/SFC menu.

For more information and technical details click here

Neo myth menu v1.2(final) & Neo myth menu Deluxe

Here's v1.2 b1 of the Neo Myth Menu for the MD. This is the candidate for inclusion with the next official release of the Neo2 Ultra Menu, so please test it. Changes from last time include making a delay of a second while browsing the list of entries before the extended info is fetched. This […]