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Neo N64 SD/SDHC Menu v1.1[Updated 1/8/2010]

Here is the latest version of the N64 Myth menu – v1.1. Changes include:

Fixed crash when you pressed A or B with no games in the game list.
Fixed crash when you started a game from the SD card before the game info was fetched.
Changed save type and CIC type options to show what they are instead of just a number.
If you have a Neo2-SD or Pro and run the game from the SD card, reset to game works for all games. Still trying to figure a way to do than from game flash in a compatible manner.  ~sm-64.gif~.gif  This feature requires you to have the menu burned to the N64 U2 menu flash.
Added ability for N64 U2 menu to automatically run menu from the GBA menu flash or the SD card. If you run the menu from the GBA menu flash in the first place, it will also check for the menu on the SD card. This creates about a 3 second delay when you don't have an SD card (flash only cart, or no SD card in the cart). Basically, you want to burn the v1.1 menu into the N64 U2 flash, then all minor updates can simply be run from the SD card (or GBA menu flash for flash only carts).

Please read the readme for all the details.

Download: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,6227

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