November 2010
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NeoMyth MD Menu Deluxe v2.4

NeoMyth MD Menu Deluxe v2.4
If you're wondering where 2.3 is, it was a few test builds released in other threads. It's been a while, so I just bumped this to 2.4. So what's new?

– Faster loading from SD cards.
– Fix for the issue where the menu couldn't open a file to load when it opened just fine to read the rom header.
– Improved SMS detection when the SMS rom image doesn't have a header.
– Fix for the Sega CD backup ram issue (the bram size was reported as twice the size it was supposed to report).
– Changed from ".menu" for the special folder to "menu" to make it easier on Windows users. If you have an existing ".menu" folder, rename it to "menu". This also matches the N64 Myth menu name for the special folder.

The archive has all the source, the MDBIOS.bin file you would burn to the menu flash, and the MDEBIOS.bin you would put on the SD card if you use SD-loaded BIOS. Since the special folder name changed from ".menu" to "menu", if you use an older MDBIOS.bin in the menu flash to boot the new menu, there will be a name conflict. You'll either need to update the menu flash bios to the new bios, or settle for two special folders with both the old and new names. I recommend just updating the menu flash.

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