November 2011
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Sega Master System Myth SD Menu 1.10

New menu for the MKIII/SMS Myth flash cart. Supports running games from SD card on Neo2-SD and Neo2-Pro carts. Also supports running SG-1000 games and playing PSG-only VGM music files.

Use the Neo2 Pro Manager client for the PC to format a Neo2-SD or Neo2-Pro cart – select MD format and change the menu file to the file in the archive, NEOSEGA4.BIN. If you wish to run any games from the flash, add the NEOSEGA4_Return-Menu.SMS rom file FIRST. Without that, you cannot reset to the menu from flash games. Note that this menu cannot yet reset to menu from games loaded from SD – we are working on that; in the meantime, just power off the console, then power back on to go back to the menu. After adding the Return-Menu, you can add any other SMS/SG-1000 games to the flash. You don’t need to add any if you are going to use an SD card.

When you boot your SMS with an SD card in place, the menu will automatically go to the SD browser. If you boot without an SD card in place, it will automatically go to the flash browser. In the SD card browser, directories are shown with the name in brackets like this: [Master System]. The browser starts at the root of the SD card; to go into a directory, use up/down/left/right to high-light the directory and press button 1. The menu then loads the directory listing and shows the new list. High-light “..” and press 1 to go back one level. When high-lighted, the menu also shows you the long version of the file name, if it has one.

Select a game and press 1 to run the game. Press 2 to go to the options display. If the file is a VGM music file, then it will be loaded and the VGM player started. You can currently only play PSG-only VGM files. Press 2 to exit the VGM player back to the menu.

The menu automatically handles the most common type of header found on SMS rom images, so you don’t need to strip your images. If you find a rom that doesn’t run, please contact us. Note that there are still things to be added to the menu, like playing FM VGMs and handling cheats. If you have any suggestions, please post them.

Note – mic did the bulk of the work on this menu… everybody thank mic for his tremendous efforts! :D

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