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MK5 8G/16G GIGA cart upgrade core V1.39 + 2.41 XMenu

MK5 8G/16G GIGA cart upgrade core V1.39 + 2.41 XMenu  [06-05-2007]

How to upgrade:
>>>> Warning! All data on the MK5 will lose after you start the upgrade! Please backup it first!! <<<<
1. Use MK5 USB Linker connect PC , and enter USB data exchange mode , PC will detect one removable disk (MK5) have inserted
2. Copy "MK5_Menu_V1.39_AUTO_Upgrade.nds" to MK5
3. Restart NDS, enter MK5 menu, choose "MK5_Menu_V1.39_AUTO_Upgrade.nds" and run it,and restart NDS.
4. When NDS power on, hold L+R+A+B+DOWN to re-format whole MK5, and copy all data (include folder) from this uncompressed file.
5. Now new system is ready ,restart NDS and enjoy it!

* Fixed the bug of can't create BMP file
* Added some DC_FlushRange()
* Support nitro fat
* The BMP and global.ini / savetype.sdb files put to nitro fat , can use ndstool to modify
* Fixed the bug of without sound on the old nds console
* Fixed the FAT sector size to 64K
* Fixed the bug of upside screen can't display correct
* Upgrade the 2M SRAM test APP — "MK5_2Mbit_test_V5.nds" , thanks cory1492 Smiley
* Fixed the function of _FAT_fat_linkFreeClusterCleared , increase the folder create speed
* The Game save database update to #1126
* Added the menu version verify
* Added the third read/write index, solved the moonshell hand up with some video format
* Rewrite the flash bad block manager function
* Support DLDI auto patch , and support DLDI write mdoe

download : http://www.neoflash.com/driver/MK5_Menu_V1.39_&_XMenu_V2.41.rar

more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,4316.0.html

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