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MK5 GIGA cart user menu V1.0

MK5 GIGA cart user menu V1.0

more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3701.0.html

MK5 final SPEC:
* Support clean rom,not need any patch,just need drag and drop
* Huge memory space,from 8Gbit upto 64Gbit
* USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer
* USB disk function, compatible with any operation system
* Build in the last moonshell V1.5 and upgradable
* Support homebrew
* Build in SMS multi save function,and  auto save
* Menu upgradable,just need drag and drop the new core to MK5
* Multi rom support,media play support
* MK5 turbo engin, 100% full game running speed ,without any delay
* Build in passme function,can boot almost GBA flash cart perfectly

[1] You can see the MK5 logo after turn on nds

[2] The mk5 menu screen, down screen show the file icons, and you can see the current file details.


[3] 3D menu,you can touch the icon to start,and you can use "L" or "R" to select page.


[4] MK5 use one save database file "savetype.sdb" to keep the correct save type for the clean rom, there are 4K / 64K(512K) and 2M three type total.
so,for the known games,MK5 can auto detect save type correctly, but for the new games,you have to use "SELECT" + "LEFT or RIGHT" to select the correct save type and try, normally 80% games use the "64K(512K)" game save,if you can't make the game work, just need re-power on nds and try other save type until it work.
Notice: if all 3 save type can't run the game finally,you HAVE TO delete current rom on PC and copy the same rom to MK5 again,because MK5 don't add the software ECC copy data verify function yet,we will support ECC soon.
and you can directly download the newest save database file "savetype.sdb" from neo forum too: NEO MK5 GIGA Cart channel


[5] MK5 support many homebrew like moonshell and DSOrganize (GREAT THANKS TO Moonlight AND DragonMinded ^_^), so MK5 can use as a nice MP3&movie player / PDA, and you can use the movie converter tools (in your MK5 root "dpgtools12" folder.) to make your movie play on MK5.

[6] The MK5 8G cart and 16G cart photo

[7] The MK5 USB linker, just for link NDS to your PC only,then you can see one new USB DISK on your PC, you just need drag and drop the file to it then can burn to MK5, the data transfer speed around 1.0M~1.2M on USB 2.0 port. For guarantee the data quality,please use the MK5 USB cable connect to your mainboard's USB port,don't use any USB HUB or USB extension cable.
After you burn all files to MK5,then please turn on your NDS and pick out the USB linker cart from NDS. Now you can start to play MK5 and not need USB linker cart anymore.
[8] If you want to use MK5 as the passme, you just need goto MK5 menu and click the "MK5_PassMe" , then you can boot almost GBA cart,like NEO serial.

[9] If your MK5 can't show the menu again,you can try to format it on NDS, please follow me:
    <a> plug in the USB cart to GBA slot(don't need link to PC),and plug in the MK5 to NDS slot;
    <b> hold the "L" + "R" + "DOWN" and turn on NDS till you see the mk5 logo appear (don't release these 3 key), and press "A"+"B" (now 5 keys was be hold) ,then you can see USB cart start to format MK5. When if finish,you can see "USB DISK PROGRAM(8G/16G_256K)" appear on the screen, now you can turn off NDS.
    <c> use USB cable link to PC,turn on nds ,PC will appear one USB DISK,then goto MK5 driver CD folder (for example the CD in disk E:)
            (1.) cd  E:\MK5\Driver\
            (2.) copy all files to MK5 ROOT folder
            (3.) now your MK5 is ready again.

more info please check at  http://www.neoflash.com/forum
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