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NEO2-SD in stock now!

NEO2-SD in stock now!

more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3254.0.html

* Run the NDS clean rom from SD directly,not need any extra patcher
* Support multi-clean rom
* Build in battery AD monitor
* Build in universal IR remote,can support TV/HiFi/PS2/XBOX,and the remote code is upgradable
* 100% GBA hardware save
* Build in 3 set separate RTC
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 2M sram
* Build in 16M flash menu
* Come with one driver CD
* NEO2-SD support SD / Mini-SD and TF (need SD adapter), up to 4GByte
* NEO2-SD support NDS and NDS-lite full serial
* NEO2-SD support NDS games and GBA games
* Menu upgradable,just run the new menu from SD then can upgrade
* Need MK4-mini work together

The current V1.0 – Sep 22 2006 function:

* Support almost clean rom load from SD / Mini-SD(need adaptor) / TF(need adaptor) and run directly,not need any patcher,100% plug and play.
PS: Because the MMC card is slower than SD card,so we just support SD card at the beginning,we will upgrade the MMC supporting later.

* Support upgrade from SD card,just need to run the new core from SD  then can upgrade to the newest version.

* Support NDS SMS function,can auto backup / restore the current NDS save date to SD card.

ToDo: # Add the GBA games and movie support.

the NEO2-SD retail packing front view

the NEO2-SD retail packing back view

what come with the NEO2-SD retail package

NEO2-SD need MK4-mini to work together,because the game save data will keep in the MK4-mini inner EEPROM chip! If you use the MK4-key to play,will make many games can't keep to run when it need to access the save data.

the NEO2-SD looking

the SD card plug into NEO2-SD looking


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