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the NEO 8in1 PSP pad installing instruction (with photo)

  the NEO 8in1 PSP pad installing instruction (with photo)

more info:http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,1577.0.html


Memory functions:
* Use SD/MMC or CF/MicroDrive like a standard SONY memory stick
(it's one option,all memory card or MicroDrive not included in the retail box)
* SD/MMC/CF/MS auto detect and auto run, plug and play
* Supports up to 4GB memory size in PSP
* Built-in PSP Ready/Busy/NULL, 3-state status indication
* Can exchange the data between PC and PSP through the standard PSP USB cable, supports SD/MMC/CF/MicroDrive/MS formatting on PSP directly

Battery functions:
* Use 4 pcs AA Ni-MH rechargable batteries or 4 pcs AA normal batteries for the PSP backup power
(it's one option,all batteries not included in the retail box)
* Built-in A.I. Ni-MH battery recharge system, full battery protection and fast full charge in 12 hours
* Built-in battery charging and the force full charge indication on LED display
* Built-in battery mode switch, can select the Ni-MH battery or normal battery
* Supports infinite Ni-MH battery capability (nowadays up to 3800MA/h X4)
* Multi DC power input, can use the PSP DC adaptor / car DC adaptor and PC USB cable to charge the batteries
* Supports the force full charge mode, can force full charge and doesn't matter how much battery power is available

PSP Pad functions:
* Anti-Shock
* Ergonomic design, you can play the PSP like a SONY PS2 joypad for a more familiar and comfortable gaming experience

PSP kickstand function:
* Built-in car mounting bracket, you can use the PSP in your car with a stable display
* Come with one extra fixup kit

Product specifications:
* Acts as a CF card, Microdrive and Micro HD converter all-in-one. You can use any type of card/drive just like you will use a standard Memory Stick!
* CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/Memory Stick auto detect and auto run: Plug and play!
* Support up to 4GB memory size on PSP.
* Built-in PSP Ready/Busy/NULL, 3 states status indication.
* The 2in1 Mini-converter can exchange data between PC and PSP through any standard PSP USB cable. It supports direct CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/MS formatting on PSP.

Operating instructions:
[1] plug the soft cable into your PSP;
[2] Plug one SD or Mini-SD or MMC or RS-MMC or CF or MicroDrive or Micro HD or Memory Stick to the corresponding slot;
[3] Turn on PSP and play!



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