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Neo Spring Coding compo 2007 download page ( 52 projects )


NEO Spring Compo 2007 – PSP APP Division      [ >>> Download: Compo ]

AFKIM3 by danzel

AFKIM is back and better than ever  sm-19

AFKIM is an (almost) universal messenger client for PSP (Supports: AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!)

I've also made some guides to hopefully help new people get started with AFKIM.
Even if you've used it before, it would be worth giving the How To Use guide a quick read over.

The changelog for AFKIM3 is as follows:

Much better, more usable program.
Works in OE kernel, DHCP ONLY CURRENTLY, not sure why static IP address doesn't work.
Faster display rendering (Keyboard lags less)
Better wifi handling – User can rechoose which to connect to if connecting fails.
Better menu system, lots more menu items.
 – Away / Back
 – Remove Account
 – Reconnect to Wifi (No more quitting AFKIM to reconnect! yay)
 – Get Buddy Details
 – Rename Buddy
 – Block/Unblock Buddy
 – Delete Buddy
Fixes related to pressing buttons, menus now continue scrolling if you hold up or down.
Better connection handling.
Many many code cleanups
Fix memory leaks (introduce a new known one Sad )

–2 and a bit
Quit option.
Ability to use start as well as X to go buddy select -> chat.
FIX: Editting text box with space messes up display.
FIX: Account details don't save sometimes.

There are current 2 versions:
– Experimental OE version, tested in game310 folder with OE 3.10', seems to not work in 3.03
– 1.5 Version, tested in game150 folder on OE 3.10'

The OE Version works with WPA connections, you must use automatic network configuration however (DHCP)

Sheep Machine by miNi

Hello  Smiley
This is my entry : The Sheep Machine !

Here is the ReadMe :

What is the Sheep Machine ?
– The Sheep Machine is a PSP application which counts the sheep on your PSP screen.

How to use it ?
– When you are tired and you can't find sleep, use this Sheep Machine to count sheeps. You just have to watch your PSP screen. It will help you to find sleep.
– To quit this application, press START.

How to install ?
– For firmware 1.50 : Copy /SheepMachine and /SheepMachine% folders in your /PSP/Game memory stick folder.

metronomPSP by saulotmalo

Hello this is my last ( for the moment) creation it is a metronom it is used for musics actually they are cheap (20$) but if we can have one on the psp it is better, also i think its a litle more sophisticated than anyother.

the arrows key have presets pums per minute with the cross circle triangle and square you can change in diferent ways the pums per minute.

i would like to be on the credits when a music uses this:p just joking

Old School Library (OSLib) Sprites Lib by phosphorous

-= Old School Library (OSLib) Sprites Lib =-

OSLib is a C library that greatly simplifies coding games and apps on the PSP. It took second place in the NEO Spring Compo 2006. This library builds on top of OSLib to make animated sprites as easy as everything else in OSLib.

The eboot demonstrates all of the features including:

– Create an animated sprite with only an image, height, and width
– Animation plays and loops automatically
– Control the animation framerate
– Functions to play and stop animation
– Ability to reverse animation
– Animation can be flipped vertically or horizontally
– Set start and end frames of animation
– Jump to a specific frame of the animation
– Create multiple sprites from one sprite sheet
– Create different sized sprites from one sprite sheet

The readme also shows how to easily create spritesheets from animated GIFs found on the web.

Full source included.

ThemeFlasher by ai3gtmc

  this is a theme flasher it can flash the following files:

while loading it automatically backup:
to ms0:/theme folder if u don't have that folder Make one

If You Don't Know What Flash0 is I don't Recommend You Use This Program
It Can partially or PERMANENTLY brick Your PSP.
I don't take responsibilities if something wrong happened to your PSP.
IF you are in 3.10OE Please DO NOT touch the topmenu_plugin.rco or

****Copyright Policy****

THIS Program Without Permission.

put the ThemeFlasher and ThemeFlasher% in

Put all you Theme(rcos,bmp,ltn0.pgf) Files in ms0:/theme folder

press select to take a screenshot

Added arrows
Added Exit button Bug
Added new screenshot
Added screenshot mod
added usb enable and disable option:)
added firmware check(it only checks if u r in 1.5, then if you are in 1.5 it will go back to XMB)

—-TO DO—-

COW TIPS by Sektor

This application displays advice from a cow…
PUNANI v1.0 by hallo007

hallo007 is here and presents proud his new app , punani
punani is an eboot handler
you can

and load

an eboot

it has a filebrowser included so you just need to select the files and as always i added som nices SND0.AT3 Wink

you can take screens with NOTE (uses my own made screenshot module)

in file browser , you can go back to main menu while press circle if you are in the root Wink

yes with making eboots i creat an header otherwise the eboot will be correct , if an file isnt included it wont be extracted or packed

enjoy it



NEO Spring Compo 2007 – PSP Game Division       [ >>> Download: Compo ]

Call of Duty 2 – PSP Edition v1.0 (more info released – custom enemies how-to) by sg57

Gah…  My internet was out from 8 PM til' now, so Im not sure if this makes hte deadline or not  Cry

Well, I wrote up a nicestoryline, controls, objective, etc. but the time i clicked 'submit' my internet was out, and i hadnt copied my entire post Undecided

Ok, ill be quick about it.

Screenshots are attachted.

Download is attachted.

Fire – X/R trigger
Reload – []/L trigger
Puase – Start
Screenshot – Select while NOT paused
Return to main menu – Select while paused

highscores arent implemented 100% yet, as theres a bug in my method as of now.  Ill update this in a couple of days with a fix.

Hope im on time…  Undecided  youd think princeville resort with its great golf courses could have a reliable internet connection   sm-06

Now, there are some bugs ive just noticed.  Theres a certain place you can look that makes the left 10 pixels of the screen or so not refresh properly.  I cant do anything about this as its happened to me in C before as well, soim guessing the graphics library is the problem.

Another is that the time may get f'd up.  Im not sure why, as i havent lookd into it fully.  Ill fix it in the next release.


Heres a little more info on the game.  You can add custom enemies very very easily.  Just open up the file called


Readthe huge paragraph in there for the tutorial.  This allows for mods to be made with custom enemy placements, and even custom muzzleflash placements.  AI for the enemy is automatical ldone, so no worries.  Id like it if someone made a mod of this btw Smiley

Hexaxis XXI (0.15) alpha by darksoft

Here is the current version of my game Hexaxis XXI (0.15) alpha

Directional Pad: move dice left right and down (no up its like tetris)
Up = Move Dice Fast Down

Square, Circle, Cross, Triangle:  rotate the grid
L and R Triggers: zoom in and out
Select: Exit Game

Added Upkey and Game Over.

Added dice move sounds, and random dice that come up from the bottom (cause you to game over)

I have not done anything special for showing the score and multipliers, pretty much a pure text at the top left.  I don't think I have the time before the end of tonight to code bitmap fonts.  I also have no highscore table.  That will come after the compo though.

Here are the latest screenshots:

Zlink by rattmuffen

This is my entry.
It contains:

  • ZTYPE, a shoot em up game
  • Four minigames
  • Three multiplayer games (only one PSP required)
  • Ten questions about Zelda stuff

Main menu:



GoGo Goo – by BennyRebirth & Dalk

Hello world,

here is our entry : Go!Go!Goo! beta v0.7

Goos escaped from your lab and you need them for your experiments. Drive them back to the exit in time or before they are destroyed by traps or your opponnent

While gameplay is not very polished and lack lots of stuff we hadn't time enough to implement, we hope you'll enjoy it anyway, especially two-players cooperative and versus modes.

Not a pixel of ripped art in our game, and we've included some concept art to unlock (we bet you'll like the lastones Wink )

Here as some screens:

(HELP – Error in text : It's Square to select a bloc )



(Solo Mode)

Pigiddy-Pigiddy Pong by mooser

Here Is my Game for the spring Comp:

Pigiddy-Pigiddy Pong V0.1

Very simple one player pong

Devoloped by mooser.

TTR v1.1 – Tire & Ice edition by Freshmilk

Okay, hello and welcome to the 11th release of TTR, Tire & Ice Edition, and this time introducing my new GFX artist, Gr34t3st from the QJ forums. You may have seen, heard, of have played this game before, but since I expect many of you havn't, I'll explain what it is anyway.

TTR is a fully fleged, in depth side-scrolling "dodge the car" style game, plus 1. In this somewhat simple racer, you can choose any car, from aerodynamic jet powered cars to the new mini, and race anywhere you like. Each car has all it's individual stats, but then again, what happens if your favourite car doesn't have good attrbutes? These can also be turned off, to prevent any one stat from ruining your otherwise perfect gameplay. This game has been designed around the user's need, so you can race any way you like. TTR; the next generation of 2d Racers.

Now that we've heard a little about the game, how about some screenshots…?

here, we see the options menu; Oh so many choices to customize your style of play.

Ahh, the old favourite; High speed adrenaline fuelled racing in the well-loved British new mini.

And, of course, the banner of Neoflash has been included.

So, now that we know what the game is and how it all works, let's see whats been added into this new, bumper edition of TTR:

– New Terrain Selection (Side Scrolling)
– 7 New Terrains
– Tyre stat can be turned off, every car will handle at an average rate.
– Weight stat can be turned off, every car will be the same speed, travelling at a 3 star rate.
– Health can be turned off, so that it goes back to the old one-hit kill method.
– PSP Info (Handy Feature to know your Battery Percentage, ect.)
– Statisic options have been renamed to Highscore Options, to avoid confusion with Stat options
– Highscore options/Statistic now has a menu
– Current Car is now shown in the option menu to avoid confusion
– Intersection Collision finished, shouldn't need any more work. EVER.
– Cheating detection has been improved
– USB glitch fixed (causing a crash if clicked twice)
– 1st time error glitch fixed (the error you get 1st time you boot)
– Screenshot errors fixed (the numbering difficulties)
– Option menu crash error fixed (image loading bug)
– Analog controls can now be switched off, so that those of you with broken analogs can still race.
– Fixed to no dieing bug whilst racing in the zonda.
– Fixed the intersection enemy direction changing bug.
– Attempted, but not finished, some slide transitions in the menus.
– Now works with ALL custom firmwares, 1.50, and 2.xx

Please note, that the "glitch" as it may seem after your first race, will be consequence of the game saving your highscore, and won't happen again unless you beat your highscore. This has been implemented, should any contests be based around the game in future.

Have fun!

Cspsp v1.2 by nataku92

Here's my newest version of Cspsp, with the following updates:

|                 |
|  CS PSP         |
|  version 1.2    |
|  by Kevin Chen  |
|  2007           |


   Finished all gun configs

   Implemented buy menu   

   More compatibility with custom maps

   Implemented Options

   Implemented new Update feature

and screenshots:

Pokemon Keeper by N64Francois

This is my entry for the NEO Spring Compo 2007

Pokemon Keeper is a puzzle game (Bejeweled/Zooo clone) for PSP.

To capture Pokemon, you have to align 3 of them horizontally or vertically.
Pokemon Keeper involves three different modes  : Normal, Capture, and Time Attack.

Screenshots :

Space Escape by Grimfate126

Welcome to Space Escape! We hope you enjoy playing this game.

Here is the basic rundown:

// ABOUT //

The aim of the game is to survive as long as you can in a dangerous asteroid field.



Nikhil Dixit (Grimfate126)
David Perry (InsertWittyName)




InsertWittyName's Phoenix Game Engine. It was used a lot throughout the game.
Anyone that contributed or tested.

Here are some screens from the game:

Have fun!

the ball by KL

here is my entery for the compo: the ball

The objective is to get the ball to the red flag. You can draw a line using cross. If you hit triangle the ball will start to fall and bounce over your line. if your ball doesn't reach the flag you can hit triangle again to go back to edit mode. if you're in edit mode you can delete your line by pressing square.

I hope you like it!

(Excuse my English I'm dutch)

Legacy by psp_jono

Hi all,

This is my submission to the contest.

It is a rpg engine call legacy, the art and content have been quickly added to show what it can do.

The controls are:

X – to move foward in the menus and accept.
Y – to move back in the menus.
SELECT – save screen shot.
DIRECTIONAL PAD – move around.

The graphics are created by me, except for chono, the battle background and the battle character sprites.

There is a battle demo down in the lower right corner of the town map.

Screenshots are included in the attached .rar file.

The game files are in firmware 1.5 format.

Pro Foosball V0.1 by Madcupid

sorry, i did it late at night and didnt even pay attention to what i was doing, ill fix it though… here we go

this is my entry to the spring neo comp. Hope you like it!!! All info is in the readme but ill tell you a little bit about it!!! since this was my first time ever programming i decided to do something different and original(at least thats what i think) so here it is. Foosball, for those who dont know is basically table soccer and Pro Foosball is just the same. Some of the controls are:

Cross – Control ball
Triangle – pass ball
square – whip shot

circle – whip shot2
L – switch handle(to left)
R – switch handle(to right)

check out the Tips in the Options menu for more moves!!!

Please let me know what you guys think…THANK YOU!!!

Bumper Car Mayhem by Fuzzie 360

Drive in a full rotation isometric world and smash the opponent to win!
X = Accelerate
[] = Reverse/Brakes
+ = Steer
L = Fire

Smileys Maze by pucelano

Addictive game in wich you must guide Smiley out of the maze, avoiding be catched by the enemy.

Use the arrows to extract Smiley of the maze, avoiding the traps and to the enemies, who were trying to reach you.

I warn you that if two enemies merge, they´ll move faster.

Do you believe you´ll be able of passing all the levels? Try it.

Read the instructions contained in the own game, to know the details of its managing.

Based on the game Wappo from Softex.

Hangman by pspwner

My Entry:

Hangman for PSP
by pspwner, graphics by gas

The game of Hangman we all know and love made for the PSP.
Can you handle it?

ArkanoidUJIPSP by saulotmalo

hello this is a conversion of a game that did for my last project on the university in the pc version it is controlled using webcam but this isn't good enough also let's give a try.

for installing only put the 2 folders on the game or game150 directori.

Leviaman Zero Neo by leviadragon

Hi this is my  project!
i hope you like it! sm-19






ps : it work on windows with last luaplayer Wink
thx! sm-21



NEO Spring Compo 2007 – NDS APP Division       [ >>> Download: Compo ]

[NDS App] Beup Live 0.3d by HtheB

This is a MSN Messenger Client for the NDS.

It now supports DLDI Smiley
and works with the newest DS Lite's

Download the BeupFolders.rar and extract it in the root of your card.

Dont forget to patch it with DLDI! Smiley

It works on the neoflash.. so Smiley why not buying a Neoflash?  Wink



[NDS App] Pictoblog by 0xtob


A picture blogging client for the DS, by 0xtob

What's this?

Pictoblog is an app that allows you to post pictures to your blog from everywhere!

Pictoblog uses the Metaweblog API, which is a very popular API supported by major CMSs such as WordPress and Drupal and dozens of others.



  • Patch Pictoblog with the DLDI patch for your card
  • Edit pictoblog.ini according to your blog's settings
  • Copy Pictoblog and pictoblog.ini to the root of your card

If you just want to try it out, you can leave pictoblog.ini unchanged. You posts will then be published on the test blog.

Please don't flood the blog or post inappropriate pictures!

For detailed usage instructions, refer to the included readme file.

Happy blogging!

[NDS App] Phidias by Tassu

Here is my entry. It's a drawing app called Phidias and it can be used to draw very nice pictures, pixel art or freehand drawings. It can also be used as an image viewer.

It should work on any device that has dldi support. It saves images in bmp format to the root directory but can load from any directory. Maximum resolution is 512×384 or 384×512.


Few images made with Phidias:

King Kong by me

Beach by me (click to view full size)

Pixel art by me

Forest River by Brandon Ryan

Remember: you need to patch it with dldi before you use it. Otherwise it won't work!

[NDS App] IRCDS 0.3d by freemaan

Yeah, I enter with the same app in this year again Cheesy
Dr. Neo: I don't know it's permitted or not (it changed since the last compo a lot), but if it's permitted, i won't be a judge (otherwise I will)

You can enable DCC in the ini if you want, but backup first as it can corrupt your card's filesystem (turnoff, etc…)


IRCDS 0.3d by davido2 [freemaan@gmail.com]

Neoflash Spring Compo 2007
An IRC client for Nintendo DS.

 -Nintendo DS
 -WiFi AP
 -Nopass/PassMe/etc… or FlashMe
 -Supercard, M3, MagicKey 2/3, etc…

 Patch the nds file with a DLDI patcher (not needed for DS-X)
 Copy the patched file to your card and start it.
 It'll try to create the config file if it doesn't exist.

 -ircds_v03b.ini – sample config
 -ircds-neocompo.nds     \  programfiles, needs to…
 -ircds-neocompo.ds.gba  |  …be patched first…
 -ircds-neocompo.ds.nds  /  …with a DLDI patcher! Prepatched to SCSD.
 -readme.txt – this file πŸ™‚

 You can find a sample skin in ircds.ini
 Use HTML color codes (like: bottom_bg = #FF50B0)
 If you make a skin, please post it on my homepage πŸ˜›

 -Start: (re)connect
 -Select: disconnect
 -B: parts from a channel
 -L,R: gives back your previous message
 -X,Y: changes the backlight
 -Left,right,up,down – scrolls the upper screen
 -START+SELECT (at logo screen) – disables FAT support

 -should be compatible with every cart which have DLDI driver

More info about DLDI: http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/DLDI/

Version history:
 -0.3d [2007.03.20] – bugfixes, recompiled with devkitPro r20 and the latest libs
 -0.3c ORANGE EDITION [2007.01.28] – support colors, fixed a lot bugs, some improvements, DLDI support
 -0.3b – bugfixes, added blowfish, added skin support
 -0.3a – bugfixes
 -0.3 – faster, better GUI; new config-format; more stable
 -0.2b – bugfixes
 -0.2a – START+SELECT works now at logo screen
 -0.2 – pretty stable now, a LOT new features
 -pre0.2 private beta 1,2,3
 -0.1c – just a quick fix to work with psybnc
 -0.1b – parting from channels works now with every server
 -0.1a – fixed a fatal bug: freezed while connecting to a non-efnet server
 -0.1 – initial release

If you find a bug or want to give me a new idea, e-mail me or visit my webpage.

Playing UNO with a dumb cheating bot:


[NDS App] DSPad by ced
« on: March 17, 2007, 10:47:00 AM » Reply with quote Modify message Remove message Split Topic

A free wireless gamepad^^

Présentation :
This program aims to act like a wireless gamepad.

Galery :

History :
Version 0.2b:

  • Improved ds2key profile handling.

Version 0.2:

  • Settings Gui, no need to edit xml file Cheesy
  • Animated menus, just for fun (gartoon icons)
  • Automatic backlight shutdown after à choosen time
  • Touch screen work as an analog stick with one or more DSes at the same time
  • Turbo keys!
  • ds2key 0.6/0.7 compatibility mode (keys + touch screen)
  • Open Source!
  • [Server] : xml config too.

Version 0.1:

  • client et serveur works! (heavy zsnes testing  ^^) )
  • xml config file
  • dldi is ok (only tested on supercard sd)
  • gui powered by PAlib

/!\ While in ds2key mode, turbo keys are not available. Plus, Only one touchscreen could be used. This is a ds2key limitation because it emulates keyboard+mouse while DSPad emulates joystick.

How to :
As i'm a linux user, there is no windows version. Maybe later..

For the server part, you'll need both uinput and joydev modules.
Make sure to have read/write access on /dev/misc/uinput | /dev/input/uinput | /dev/uinput devices.

The default server behaviour is to load "~/DSPad_server.xml". If you want to load another file, you coulf force it withe the "-f" switch.

Starting server:

$ ./dspad_server -f DSPad_server.xml

— Starting DSPad Server v0.2 —
Loading "DSPad_server.xml"
Reading "DSPad_server.xml" OK
 [0] Creation of service:
 [0]  Joystick device OK
 [0]  Socket on port 16150 OK
 [0] Creation of service: OK
 [1] Creation of service:
 [1]  Joystick device OK
 [1]  Socket on port 16151 OK
 [1] Creation of service: OK

After this step, there will be two (or more according your choice) new /dev/input/jsX and any game/emu could work with.

Starting client:
Before the first launch, you have to
Just patch the nds file with the correct dldi driver..

In normal conditions, you would put the DSPad.xml file in your linker root file system. In the case this file does not exist, it will be automatically regenerated.

Few words :
After the first release, many peoples were disappointed because there was no windows port. At the moment, I have no means to write such a thing.
That why In did a ds2key compatibility. This is handy but you have to keep in mind that ds2key mode has limited features.

– Changed rom and wmb palib default logos
– Update to version 0.2b

[NDS App] µLibrary by Brunni

Here is my entry: µLibrary!

µLibrary is a new library for Nintendo DS. Basically, it is meant to use the 3D GPU to create nice 2D games very easily Smiley

Here is a small list of functionalities provided by µLibrary:
  * Supported image formats: PNG, GIF, JPG
  * Special image effects: stretching, tinting (4 corners), mirroring, rotation (with a defined center), selection of an image frame to display (just like on spritesheets).
  * Can control both screens! (look at my site or the documentation for more information)
  * Compatible with PALib (can be used together in the same project) and integrates with programs already written with libnds. PALib or your own code can be used to control the second screen
  * Virtual file system: it is possible to load files independantly from the actual support (RAM, libFat, GBFS are supported by default, but you can define your own). Allows to create more easily software that are compatible with all existing linkers
  * Untextured geometry (rectangles, gradients, lines, etc.)
  * Basic message box system
  * VideoGL wrapper for texture and palette loading in VRAM: it is now possible to load and unload things dynamically. Furthermore, it is more flexible (you can choose which banks you want to use for what, etc.)
  * Keypad and touchscreen handler namely with support of stylus speed and double click and support of autorepeated keys (menus for example).
  * Includes 2 splash screens
  * Low level wrapper to draw primitives
  * Text system using the same font format as OSLib

Performance is good, one of the examples shows that an unoptimized C++ code that draws 400 balls bouncing on the screen uses less than 15% of CPU Cheesy

[NDS App] StyxDS v0.2 by redbug

New release of the atari ST emulator.

What's new ?
In one word : quicker ! (but not yet realtime)
– Auto-frameskip (max 5)
– New screen handling (next version will be ARM asm based)
– Mouse in touchpad mode is quicker.

Which games are really playable ?
Rick Dangerous I & II, Xenon 2, Speedball and many other Atari ST great games.

How to use it ?
Copy bios and disks in the /roms/st.
Bios file (tos102fr.img or other bios) have to to be renamed to tos.bin
Disks have to be in the .st format

Great looking NEO Spring Compo 2007 logo Smiley

Game running at 97% (don't expect that in all game)

[NDS App]DSPhoto 1.0 by Arialia

i post here my new version of DSPhoto
enjoy it!

 Cry sm-06 Undecided Huh
Arghh i discover i made a mistake this night :
i don't compile with new version of libjpeg

so sorry …

and i forgot tot tell you that it is compatible DLDI
i'm very confused …

[NDS APP] Binary Clock by mastertop101

Here is my little app. It is a binary clock and the alarm clock is not working in this version..


1. Binary Clock
2. 2 modes : 24hours and am/pm mode (the 12 hours mode),         touch the icon to change

   To read the time :
      1st column is the number of ten-hours, 2nd is hours, 3rd is ten-minutes, 4th is minutes, 5th is ten-seconds, 6th is seconds
      Read the time by the bottom, if the 1st "orange" (by the bottom) is lit, it means there is 2^0 (1) of hour for example, if both 1st and 2nd are lit, you add 2^0 (1) + 2^1 (2) = 3. You do this for each column, with some pratice it will become very fast.

[NDS App] MapViewerDS by mollusk

MapViewer is an easy to use MapViewer for Nintendo DS. It uses DLDI (though it doesn't seem to work on my MK5, it worked on every other linker…) to open gif files, with several zoom levels…

Instructions :
Simply patch with the correct DLDI and copy to your cart. Place all your gif files in a folder called Maps/.
Should work with gif files up to 3 megapixels, not necessarily square Smiley



NEO Spring Compo 2007 – NDS Game Division       [ >>> Download: Compo ]

Earth Invaders 0 by smealum

Earth Invaders 0 : Spectre Unit

Presentation :
Earth Invaders 0 is an old school side scrolling 2.5D game, developped by myself (code) and lobo (GFX). Why 2.5D ? Because, as you may notice, the game features a classic 2D gameplay with a 2D background, but every single element, item, character of the game is actually real time rendered in 3D.
Enough of technical stuff. EI 0 is not only a side scrolling platform game but also an infiltration/shooting game which takes advantage of the unique features of the DS, such as the touch screen.

Story :
In this game's universe, there are two major forces : Earth and the Naouak planet. You play as a Naouak warrior, but not any warrior; you're a Spectre. You have no name, you have been brainwashed and you blindly serve your general who has just sent you out for an important mission, on Earth's moon. Unfortunately, on your way there, you're hit by an asteroid and you crash on this very same Moon. You're wounded and have lost most of your equipment; you have no choice but to walk into the base you see…

Controls :
This game features a "mirror" control-scheme : it's adapted for both lefties and righties.
– D-PAD or ABXY : move. (Up or X to jump)
(in equipment menu, change equipment)
– Stylus : aim or open the equipment menu.
– R or L : shoot. (you have to be aiming with the stylus)
Note : Up + Direction = long jump.
Up alone = high jump.

Notes :
– The game is DLDI compatible, for saves. If you don't have a DLDI compatible device, it'll still work though Wink
– The game is fully emulated by no emulator.
– The game is far from being done. I rushed this release pretty much for the compo. Please be aware of it; don't hesitate to report a bug.  sm-15

Special thanks :
Lobo of course for the GFX, all #pa.org for the support, Payk (3D help), Yus, Mollusk, Alekmaul, Caillou (moral "support"), LiraNuna (2D help), Bobby Sixkilla (beta testing)…and the others :p …

[NDS GAME] Twist by mollusk

Everyone knows the helicopter in which you have to move up/down in a cavern to avoid hitting the walls… This is a remix of these kind of games, adding a nice little twist : the whole world turns !

Code by me, graphics by Daydream

Instructions :
– Fairly simple… boot the game first (duh !)
– Pass the splash
– Use the stylus on the bottom screen to move the captain on the top screen.
– Hitting walls will make you lose energy, getting E bonuses will make you regain a little…
– Get the most points possible !

I guess everything is said, a very simple game, but I wanted to share that a little Smiley 

[NDS GAME] Fish Tank by Ben2303

=== The Game ===

Fish Tank is a work in progress remake of Insaniquarium.
For now only Free Tank Mode is working. You can choose between 5 tanks with
their own graphical and musical theme (more to come).
In this mode, your goal is to collect enough money to buy all egg parts. You
can also just send some relaxing time feeding the fishes and see them live…
For that, just buy and feed fish that while growing will drop more valuable
items. You can also buy different upgrades to enhance your feeding skills.
The game will end if all your fishes starve to death.

=== Controls ===

PAUSE :       Start button

IN GAME MENU : left/right, left shoulder to select.

         – double touch menu items
         – touch an empty area to buy/drop a food pelet
         – touch coins to collect them
         – touch the dirt to clean your tank

=== Misc. ===

Game tested on real hardaware and No$GBA 2.3, works with full sound,
rotations, zooms and alphablending.                                   

[NDS GAME] ECLIPSE DRIVING by mastertop101

Hello, here is my game. It is a 2d car driving game.
You basically need to beat your own time records.

Features :

Support NDS motion
Select wheel sensitivity
4 selectable cars with different specs (speed, acceleration, handling)
4 selectable steerwheel
6 Tracks
5 gears : you must use them correctly to be fast ; 1st gear accelerates much faster then 6th
You must brake if you want to play well; the faster you go, the less you turn easily


Left to shift down
Right to shift up
Up to accelerate
Down or R or L to brake
Turn with the stylus with steerwheel

Lots of new stuff coming later

[NDS-GAME] Blubb 3D by qwärty


Blubb 3d is an online-multiplayer game.
(offline too of course)

Features :

-Online Mode
-Single Player(non-cheating CPU-enemy- he know exactly what you would know)
-Offline Multiplayer (Hot-Seat)
-Online Top-10
(the playerdata is saved on the server)
-dynamic calculated water surface with sphere mapping
-MD2 (quake 2 models) ships, with support for animations
(unfortunately I couldn't make animated ships myself :P)
-MOD-player (all credits for the MOD-player go to Deku-Tree)
-Awesome music from HtheB !
-A short tutorial
-DLDI FAT by chism

I won't explain the gameplay here, because I did that in the tutorial.

Online Mode Explanation :

-Direct Connect : Use this only for LAN-play, or if the blubb-lobby is unreachable.
The server has to forward ports 9999 and 10000 to his NDS (not necesarry for LAN-play).
The client needs the Servers IP.
Games played in direct-connect mode won't be saved on the lobby.

-Lobby Mode :
Connect to the Blubb server, chat and play with NDS-homebrewers around the world.
The games played on the lobby will be saved.
You need at least three games plus one game per week registered on the Lobby.
(registering is done automatically at first connect)
Forwarding ports 9999 and 10000 isn't necessary for the Lobby-mode.
But if you do the communication might be more stable (and my PC won't have to handle as much traffic)

Lobby Menu :

Rd. Game :  Play against a random player. (you will accept invitations automatically)
Invite : Yup, you guessed it, invite a user to a match.
Stats : display statistics of a connected user.
Top Ten : display the top ten (while viewing left/right changes the top10 type)
Exit : leave the Blubb lobby and disconnect.

The users have a Letter in front of them, showing their status :
P: private, doesn't automatically accept
O: open, (RD-Game)
(…) : away playing (those users won't receive any lobby-messages)

Installation :
Extract the contents of the folder to your FAT-compatible flash card.
Patch the binary with the proper DLDI-patch if needed.
(This shouldn't be necessary for most cards, only patch if it doesn't work)

Blubb uses data/blubb/ for the data by default, this can be changed in the blubb.cfg if the user wants to.


This is a tribute to WII Sports, a game where you move the racket and bowling with all your body.
This version include two sports: Tennis and Bowling. (In next versions will be all six from the original game)
The goal was to simulate the gameplay with the touchscreen, so use your pen.

-First select a Sport.
-Then select a Mii.
   -Use the touchscreen.
   -If you move the pen slowly you move the racket.
   -If you want to swing the racket move it faster or click in the screen.
   -Your Mii will move automatic to the ball, so swing in time.
   -You have to do three full points to win.

   -Use the touchscreen.
   -First grab the ball touching the thouchscreen whit the pen.
   -Then move it to the top screen to launch it.
   -When it says how much pins get down you can laucnh the ball.

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The game "WolveSlayer" is a 3D hack'n slay game.
It uses DLDI and the ROM is already patched for R4/M3Simply.
Just download the WolveSlayer.rar, extract it, patch the rom with right dldi, and copy the folder and the romfile to the root of your flashcard.
(Edit: If it doesnt work pls. try the ROM which i attached seperatly)
You can move the character trough the world using arrowkeys (D-PAD or what ever)
You can open doors (actually just one Cheesy the rest is locked) with A
and swing your sword with B.
Main aim of this game (that rhimes nice) is to find and slay down a big grey wolve (you will meet smaller ones too).
Of course you will lose if they kill you.

More infos:
This project is an engine made by me to allow ppl to make their own games (later). Its possible to make own maps etc now, but on a quite unhandy way.
I will develop a mapeditor sometime in the near future.
The interesing part of that engine is the render stuff.
It doesn't use the hardware lughtning function which is quite limitated (just 4 lights without any position …) Instead of using that the engine use the vertexshader unit by itself. That makes a few unseen effects possible on DS.
Such as dynamic lights and "kinda-bump-mapping-thingy". It also allows to set up lightsources everywhere and as much as you like. If they arent dynamic that even doesnt cost more then setting up no lights.
The soundengine and tinyxml are the only parts (beside libnds and fatlib) which i didntmade by my own. The resources in the folder are ALL mode by ppl just for THIS game(pls watch the credits). So pls dont rip anything without asking the right person (you can reach them trough me if you dont kno them)

(here are the screenshots…sorry for the delay. Was a pain in the ass to make them)

Enjoy playing and thanx for reading/testing  sm-29

[NDS GAME] Warcraft : Tower Defense by Noda

My submission is an adaptation of the famous Warcraft III mod, Tower Defense.

Here is some screenshots:

It come with a simple & efficient map editor, and has a full featured game engine.

Some facts about the engine & the editor :

– real time strategic game
– can load custom-made maps very easily
– advanced dynamic pathfinding
– max. 40 towers and their attacks gfx along with 40 monsters on screen
– 10 special powers for towers (slow, poison, critic damage, pierce, fire magic,
  water magic, lightning magic, wind magic, splash damage, reveal invisible monsters)
– same for monsters resistance & immunes
– flying & walking monsters types (and ability for towers to attack both or only
  one type)
– dynamic sound engine & stereo sound placement
– max 256 differents types of monsters
– max 256 differents types of towers
– max 256 rounds
– max 11 possible upgrades per tower
– max 8 base evolution levels
– max 8 different clans to choose from at the start
– 128 icons gfx for towers, evolutions …
– 64 towers gfx with 6 color variations for each
– 36 towers gfx with 4 color variations for each (more to come)
– fully customizable engine through map definitions
– advanced graphical map editor
– and more…

Here is the changelog for this new version:

– 04/02/2007 : v0.4 beta
= PAFS version was broken in the last release, now it's working again
= corrected the bug that prevented max towers bonus for first evolution to be applied at start
= corrected colors of selection circle, it looks better now
= fixed the animation bug when a monster is killed at spawn
= fixed sprite scrolling, now sprites are in phase with background while scrolling
+ updated the map editor, see its changelog for details
+ added a bunch of new features for maps, like small & transparent monsters, W3 damage
  style, choice for the colors used in the minimap for painting entities…
+ complete rewrite of the sprite engine, now sprites corruptions problems should be fixed
+ added a nice zoom effect when building/upgrading towers
+ added current window display on minimap
+ you can now scroll the map directly by dragging the window on the minimap
+ monsters are now hidden and no more over a tower when you build a tower over a dead one
+ added a flashing message when a new evolution is available and wasn't before
+ you can now scroll maps in the map selection screen directly by touching the scroll bar
+ added the option to build tower by double-tapping
+ added the option to choose L/R to work as a switch and don't need to be held
+ added the option to allow to build multiple towers at once
+ added the option to choose the position of the in-game build menu
+ added an option menu
+ added a Linux script for PAFS version
+ added multiple paths management (up to 4)
+ removed the 40 monsters spawn limit per rounds, now up to 256 monsters per path can be spawned in a round (but remember that only 40 can be active)
+ added stereo sound placement
+ updated & added some new maps (try the map Hellgate Keeper's to the new features in action!)
+ added a new pathfinder, quite faster than the old one but less accurate
+ little optimizations here and there

[NDS GAME] Bge Palet by Samote

Here is my entry  Grin:

You have to put all the metal disk in the other side.  sm-14.gif

The 2 player mode is not enabled for now.

Enjoy  sm-29

[NDS Game] SensitiveDS by spinal

This is a very great puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, the gameplay is simple, yet very addictive!

Please note this if for FAT cards only (If no FAT present, you will not be able to save your progress or save any custom levels) and must be Dldi patched to work (it is currently patched for R4DS).
Sensitive will create a folder on your card called 'sensitive' for storing its data. Please do not delete this (unless you no longer play SensitiveDS).

[edit] SensitiveDS is compatable with DSMotion Card, so you can tilt your way around this extremely fun puzzler. [edit again] Just insert the motion card on the main title screen and a logo will apear on the top screen to show you have inserted it correctly.

In each level you must move the disk over every orange and green tile then get to the exit. If you fall off, you must start over.

There are five options in the main menu, they are –

[1] Instructions – Give you a breaif explanation of how to play.
[2] Challenge – Play as many levels as you can in one life.
[3] Puzzle – Complete each puzzle to unlock the next one.
[4] Custom Levels – Play some levels created with the Level Editor.
[5] Level Editor – Create your own levels to play in custom mode.

Any comments are welcome.


[NDS GAME] 08. VIRUS DS by can

My 8th Project.

The biohazard department of the CELLULARSPY company has recruited Dr. MOLLUSK and his assistant nurse Miss GREENPEA.           
Unluckily the Doctor's beautiful assistant spilled the samples of a new virus.
Taking your courage in both hands (that is, your console) you are now in charge of helping Miss GREENPEA to disinfest the rooms, one by one.
The virus can absorb particles of virus in order to grow, and if it absorbs to much, it explodes into 4 bits.     
Your mission will be to guide Miss GREENPEA to inject virus particles in the right places in order to clean the room.       
If you achieve a virus chain explosion, you will get a new bit of virus as a bonus to get on with the fight.                   

The aim of the game is to clean the room by injecting particles of virus in the right places to explode the viruses.
At the end of the 20 levels will get you a CHEAT CODE permitting you to discover a new theme with 20 news levels as well as new pictures (Very ***y).

It is played with a PAD or STYLUS.                   
START = Quit                 
PAD or STYLUS = Move target           
A or STYLUS = Inject
R = Music (yes/no)

[NDS Game] Duke3DS  by GPF

Port of the Duke3d from the GP2x port

dpad       move Duke
a       fire
b      jump
x      look up
y       look down
lefttrig   strafe left
righttrig   strafe right
select      use item
start      select
touchscreen   look around, change weapon

dldi patch .nds and copy it and defs.con, game.con, user.con, duke3d.grp  and supplied duke3d.cfg to /duke3d directory of card. might be case sensitive with Uppercase. It still needs sound added and network support, but is playable with your own provided shareware .grp or full version .grp file.

[NDS GAME] War of the Weeds by mollusk

War of the Weeds is an ambitious game in which you guide your weeds through a series of challenges to defend your village. Well, that's the theory ^^ It isn't 100% finished, so actually the correct story mode is pretty much not included, and so you could just see it as a Game compilation…

The whole code is by Mollusk, and the graphs are by Daydream.

Includes 3 games modes : 1 vs CPU, 1 vs 1, or solo play.
2 player games :
– Atax, which is… an attax clone… You can duplicate your weed by moving by 1 spot, or jump 2 spots. When touching enemy weeds, you convert them. The goal is simple : having more weeds than the opponent in the end…
– Reversi, is, like you would have guessed, a reversi game… Same sort of board game as atax, you need to convert as many weeds to your cause as possible…
– Blocker is a more original game : move around your weed like a chess knight, and plot a rock to avoid opponent movements. Block the opponent to win.

1 vs 1 also features a WIP : Weedshot, which would be (roughly) a worms-like game. It wasn't supposed to be in there, but I left it as a WIP for what will come soon in the next versions Wink

Solo games :
– Hexaweeds : Your weed converts enemy weeds to form a bigger group. You can change your group's color to blend into other groups, getting bigger and bigger… Conquer the whole screen in less than the given number of moves to win Smiley
– Pop : you have a 11×11 grid of blocks. Pop groups of 2 or more to remove them. Clearing a whole column will make new blocks enter. Get more points than the difficulty level asks for and you win Smiley
– Water : the water source is located at the center of the screen. Turn the pipes around to water all the weeds. Higher difficulty gives much bigger levels.
– Picross : pretty explicit… Picross on DS ! Yay. Ok, it does have a major flaw : I used levels found on gamefaqs from nintendo picross games for testing purpose and didn't get enough time to add my own levels instead Wink. The level won't change until you get the whole grid right
– Fill : simple but pretty addicitive game : move your weed by 3 spots vertically/horizontally, or 2 in diagonal, and try to fill the whole screen. Sounds simple, but is very challenging Wink

[NDS GAME]Pipe Nightmare by Knight0fDragon

Here is my entry to the contest.
It is called Pipe Nightmare, and it is a recreation of Pipe Dream, with a few added twists and features.

Supports DLDI

[GBA GAME] BANJO ADVANCE V2 : Kazooie Rescue by omg

                                       – BANJO ADVANCE V2
                                            KAZOOIE RESCUE

                                               CODE BY :  Omg

What is "Banjo Advance V2 : Kazooie Rescue"?

"Banjo Advance V2 : Kazooie Rescue" is a platform game starring Banjo (hero of Banjo-Kazooie licence).
There are severals levels, each one contain items.
You need to find all game items to rescue Banjo's friends named Kazooie.

Story :
A morning after Banjo-Tooie Adventures, Kazooie was kidnapped by a Mysterious Bad Guy.
Banjo must go in lots of levels to collect items to save his friend

How to play :
Banjo can run and jump.
A : Jump
LEFT & RIGHT   : Move left and right 
DOWN : See what's going down
UP : See what's going up

[NDS Game] Touchdown! The Alien Attack by Sweater Fish Deluxe

[EDIT] I've updated the download with a few very minor changes to the graphics and randomization.  It's still before the deadline, so I assume that's okay; if not, I still have the first released version and will re-upload it.

Here's my entry for the Spring 2007 coding compo.

It's my first DS release and in fact only my second homebrew release on any system.  I'm pretty happy with it, especially considering that 100% of development ocurred in the last month.

Touch the screen to kill those nasty aliens before they can abduct all the employees of NeoFlash Inc.  Press L or R to change weapons.  That's it.  Oh, and have fun.

Let me know what you think of it.

…word is bondage…

[NDS GAME] Eskiv DS by pouer256

Hi !

I post my eskiv like.
It is the first time that i take part at a neo flah compo.
I present a first version with my gfx and a 2nd version with riolehh gfx.
Good play !!

screen shoot : My version :

Riolehh version :

Thank you for PALib , Mollusk and riolehh!

[NDS Game] FallDownDS by Keoniomega

Fall Down DS v. 1.1
This game is based on the classic TI-Calculator game, Fall Down.

Able to work on Max Media Dock and DSEmuME for sure.

Move the ball with the stylus
Try to fall through the openings in the bars of blocks
If you lose, press start to restart

Known Bugs:
If you fall from too high, you can skip a row of blocks
There is a way to earn unlimited amount of points, but I won't tell Cheesy

Future Improvements:
Music (nothing fancy)
Better Collision detecting
Saved High Scores List
2 Player (not anytime soon but hopeful)

Keoniomega – Main Programer
Chubbeh – Top Screen Designer

[edit] UPDATE: I've fixed the bug with restarting.  All you need to do is hit start when you lose.  Also with version 1.1 I have changed the top screen so that it looks a little nicer.[\edit]


[NDS GAME] TamaSurvivor by theNinjaBunny

TamaSurvivor is a Pang (or SuperPang) "clone" (please note the quotes). This is a demo version, the main features works, like menu, pause, highscores(save them too!!),…

Graphics are 100% and gameplay will be similar (yeah, we'll new cool features), but an image is better than words :

Features :
– 100% original graphic content (no sprites were ripped during this game)
– 9 differents levels (at this demo)
– The game pauses when you close the Nintendo DS
– Bonus items (a coin i mean)
– 4 differents types of "attack"
– Ectoplasma-shield (lol) with a lot of alphablending
– Supespinning death animation
– A lot of innecesary blood (oh, not really, there isn't blood in this game – yet)
– Blocks with surprises inside (yeah, kill 'em!)
– Save Highscores
– Some rustic ladders

– NEW AMAZING DUAL MODE, play on both screens!!
(for this i have to rewrite the whole sprite engine, and most of the code)

More images :

New DUAL MODE Images :

[NDS GAME] SnakeDS by Beda

The aim of the game is to strip the girl

It is played with a PAD.                   
START = Pause               
PAD= To Move snake         
R /L = To Change girl
STYLUS = To Choose girl

[NDS Game] DSBowling Solitaire by dannynewp

This is my entry for the spring 2007 competition.  Bowling solitaire is a unique game where the scoring scores like real bowling but you use all the black cards of a deck from 1-10 where 10 cards are setup as bowling pins and the rest are your ball cards.  Select up to 3 adjacent pin cards, add the cards up and the right digit of their sum must equal the ball card to remove all cards selected.  Once you run out of playable ball cards, press the throw button to remove all the top ball cards to show the cards under them for a chance at a spare.   Once you run out of cards to be played or run out of ball cards you go to the next frame and start all over again.



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