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The NEO Summer Compo 2007 closed!

The NEO Summer Compo 2007 project list
more info : The NEO Summer Compo 2007 project list

you can vote them at there:
PSP APP :,93.0.html
PSP GAME :,94.0.html
NDS APP :,95.0.html
NDS GAME :,96.0.html

or you can check our neo compo partner site to place your vote :

for PSP APP (13 enteries):
[PSP APP] MasterBoy                                           By: Brunni
[PSP APP] Academic Aid – Bring out the real Whiz kid in you!  By: Mr305
[PSP APP] yPaint Anniversary Edition                          By: yongobongo
[PSP APP] UFO v5.0                                            By: almost219
[PSP APP] My Portuguese Teacher v1.0                          By: Madcupid
[PSP APP] Bermuda CS 7                                        By: bumuckl
[PSP APP] Manga2PSP                                           By: Yodajr
[PSP APP] Easy PSP Calculator v2.0                            By: pucelano
[PSP APP] Xandu's Media Player 1.2d                           By: Xandu
[PSP APP] Mandelbrot Fractal Generator                        By: gambiting
[PSP APP] Slash-N-Flash V3                                    By: Slasher
[PSP APP] PSP SpreadSheet v2.00                               By: pucelano
[PSP APP] 7WiN Windowing System for PSP LUA                   By: yongobongo

for PSP GAME (15 enteries):
[PSP GAME] Gunnar Hero version 0.20             By: teamsushi
[PSP GAME] QQ Manto v0.5                        By: nataku92
[PSP GAME] Shoot4Fun                            By: gambiting
[PSP GAME] PSP Tower Defense                    By: tacticalpenguin
[PSP GAME] Defence Station Portable             By: danzel
[PSP GAME] Times of War (T.O.W.) v4.0           By: Madcupid
[PSP GAME] infXion                              By: CBarox
[PSP GAME] Ultra Program                        By: mitchelljm
[PSP GAME] cdogsPSP (C-Dogs/Cyberdogs) port     By: Sektor
[PSP GAME] PucePong v1.0                        By: pucelano
[PSP GAME] Ozone                                By: Helius
[PSP GAME] Hamtaro Holidays                     By: leviadragon
[PSP GAME] PSP Simon Portable                   By: saulotmalo
[PSP GAME] Dementia v0.1b                       By: Freshmilk
[PSP GAME] HEX-A-HOP                            By: deniska

for NDS APP (14 enteries):
[NDS APP] DSHobro 0.3                 By: Costello
[NDS APP] PurityDS                    By: rema
[NDS APP] SpsychoD                    By: Schyzophrenic
[NDS APP] jEnesisDS 0.5               By: Lordus
[NDS APP] DSketch                     By: samel
[NDS APP] Dschedule                   By: samel
[NDS APP] Sleeper Killer              By: mastertop101
[NDS APP] ndsMandel                   By: yJay
[NDS APP] DSOrganize 2.9 NeoFlash     By: DragonMinded
[NDS APP] Treasures of Gaia           By: stravingo
[NDS APP] DSMasterplus                By: alekmaul
[NDS APP] NDStation 1.2.1             By: chuckstudios
[NDS APP] DiagnoSe                    By: spinal
[GBA APP] Sketch Up GBA               By: aviraldg

for NDS GAME (23 enteries):
[NDS GAME] Whee!DS 2                      By: Tassu
[NDS GAME] Mental Games                   By: Pitt
[NDS GAME] Cube Breakout                  By: Sephiroth_FF7
[NDS GAME] Earth Invaders 0               By: smealum
[NDS GAME] BrickFall LP-2                 By: bassacegold
[NDS GAME] HotSpotDS                      By: samel
[NDS GAME] HELLOWOR FOR Ds game!          By: CHEF
[NDS GAME] DS All Stars & Adult Version   By: space1
[NDS GAME] 11. SLIDING O' MANIA           By: kukulcan
[NDS GAME] Codename Hacker                By: alekmaul
[NDS GAME] A cup of tea – V8              By: smealum
[NDS GAME] Klungo's Brain School          By: omg
[NDS GAME] TabuDS                         By: suloku
[NDS GAME] Meteora Galatic Battle         By: X-Blaster
[NDS GAME] Dice Roller                    By: OutOfRange
[NDS GAME] Cube-X DS                      By: titoboy666
[NDS GAME] ASCII Pacman                   By: Evilspoon
[NDS GAME] Robot Arm DS                   By: Jeremysr
[NDS GAME] Oh Mummy Evolution             By: wizlon
[NDS GAME] Dicewars DS                    By: melw
[NDS GAME] Mass Hysteria                  By: OutOfRange
[NDS GAME] Tangram DS                     By: beodeulpiri
[NDS GAME] Dstroy                         By: naroin

and all winners from last NEO spring compo 2007 , can make your own judgment for this compo and PM to Dr.neo, we will use it to refer and  calculate the score for every entering too.

we will announce the winner around Sep.3th , congrats the winners in advance!  ~sm-42.gif~

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