December 2009
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12/19/2009 – SEGA MD MENU v1.1b2 released !

Okay, time for v1.1! All new thread to make sure people realize this is the latest!

more info:,5871.0.html

New for v1.1:

Now can be used as CD BRAM!! I included the SCD_SRAM.BIN file as it's nothing but 0xFF04 repeated over and over. Copy this file to the SD card (or burn it to the flash). When you "run" this file, it'll switch the cart into CD BRAM mode, giving you 2045 blocks of save ram for the CD!!
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Has better recognition of files on the SD card.

Will recognize and load SMD format files from the SD card (not the flash).

Will auto-boot an Enhanced Menu from the flash – this will be how we move to a larger, more sophisticated menu in the future. I didn't care for a two-stage menu, but it seems that's where we're going. You can also run the Enhanced Menu from the SD card, but it won't do it automatically. What this means is that this menu is nearing completion, and any further enhancements will be in the Enhanced Menu, not this menu.

Beta 2, for your enjoyment. Fixes include removing unneeded patching for save ram, and Reset-to-Menu now works for 32X and CD games.

The main new feature again has to do with the SCD backup RAM. This feature takes 1Mbit of save ram. The big problem is that this is the same save ram you use for all your other games. Not very convenient, is it? Well, did you ever notice in the feature lists for the flash cards the Neo Myth takes that they have 2 Mbits of save ram?? So why can't we use that other Mbit of save ram?

The issue with why the menu only ever gave 1 Mbit of save ram is that's the most you can access in one block with GBA/NDS flash carts. So how do you access the rest? You send a command to the flash cart to change an address offset to the save ram. And that just what I've done. When you choose an SMS/MD/32X game, the save ram address offset is set to 0, and when you choose a CD BIOS/BRAM, it's set to 1 Mbit. So now the 1 Mbit of save ram the CD backup uses is a completely different save ram than the 1 Mbit allowed for MD/32X/SMS games!

Now you don't have to worry about constantly saving and restoring the save ram to save/restore your CD backup ram.

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