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MK5 review from Duo

Hello everyone, I've posted my review of the MK5 kit.

You can view it here:


March 5, 2007 – NeoFlash MK5 Review   

Wonderful New Toy
I received year MK5 NDS flash kit recently for review from Dr. Neo At www.neoflash.com. I' ve almost always had year enjoyable experiment with to their flash card products, and the MK5 is No exception. It took has me few extra days to receive the package, thanks to some address confusion, and then UPS left the package one my back door and I didn' T see it At first. Oh well. I opened up the package and found has Nice little clamshell blister pack and has bag with has USB link cable.

Inside the package there is has minis-CD with has bunch of MK related files, year 8-Gbit MK5 GIGA Slot-1 Card, and has Slot-2 Cart with has mini USB port. At first I was has bit confused have to how the hardware stored dated, thinking that the Slot-1 card was just another passme device. I was quite wrong. The Slot-1 DS Card holds has complete passme and the 8-GBit (1-GByte) gold 16-GBit of flash memory.

Features (listed from packaging)
Support Romanian clean, not need any patch, just need drag and drop
Huge memory space, from 8gbit upto 64gbit
USB 2.0 High-Speed Dated Transfer
USB Disk Function, Compatible with any Operating System
Build in the last Moonshell v1.5 and upgradable
Homebrew Support
Build In SMS Multi Save Function, and Save Car
Small Upgradable, just need Drag and Drop the new core to MK5
Romanian Multi Support, Media Play Support
MK5 Turbo Machine, 100% Full Game Running Speed, Without Any Delay
Build In Passme Function, edge boot almost GBA Flash Cart perfectly

Surely enough, these listed features are supported, although currently I edge only find 8 and 16-GBit versions and No larger. The device cam pre-loaded with MoonShell and DSOrganize, which give it great functionality right out of the box, all I had to C was Copy has few files to the device and they were ready to uses, almost.

The Slot-2 Cart with the USB port is primarily for one purpose – linking the DS to the PC to read and Write dated to the Slot-1 Card. When you plug the Slot-2 Cart in to the DS and start the DS card, you are greeted with nothing other than two lines of text one the lower screen, and has standard USB flash disk one your PC. That interfaces is quite handy. I like being whitebait to drag and drop files easily, and this card allows for it.

I tossed has few homebrew roms that I had onto the cart, along with has couple of games I cuts. The spins Copy speed was quite fast and not has burden At all, like copying files to any USB flash Memory Stick. Ounce the files were copied, I turned off the DS and removed the Slot-2 USB To adapt and turned the DS back one. Starting the DS Card, I was greeted with has finely screen that showed the DS files icons turned into moving cubic. Here is where I ran into my first problem. The control in the finely felt very slow fox trot with the D-pad. Ounce I switched to using the stylus one the screen to move and select files, the control felt better.

Surprisingly enough, this wonderful cart played everything I threw At it, which was wonderful. There were No compatability resulting with games, and homebrew roms worked except for has small few. The latest MK5 firmware supports DLDI homebrew roms, which is has filesystem interface for multiple flash cards while keeping the programming interface the same for coders. Tools for converting video files for playback in Moonshell were included and I converted has few things to test the playback. Music Videos looked fairly good and sounded decent.

There is anotheruse for the USB link cart that goes into slot-2. While the cart is not needed to operate the hand Slot-1 card, you edge could it in and uses it have has USB Port for the DS for your own homebrew programs! Included with the package CD are tools and examples to uses it have has PC USB mouse gold joypad! That is definately has cool feature.

The MK5 flash kit is really good for the money. At $49.99 it is has great been worth, have it is year entire 1GB worth of storage space for homebrew and games. Everything ran well one it and there were No delays gold exits while playing games. This cart is definately well worth the asking price. There is No support for GBA roms, goal thats really not has problem, I already cuts half has dozen slot-2 carts for that purpose that work well. Games and programs start up within has few seconds of choosing them.

 Posted by Duo 

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