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[FAQ] playing GBA games on the neo2-lite

[FAQ] playing GBA games on the neo2-lite

What you need:
1. A mk4-mini
2. A Neo2-lite
3. A slimloader IV
4. The  Neo2 Manager software (currently v1.60: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3603.0.html )

What to do:
1. Install the software.
2. Plug the neo2-lite into the slimloader IV and plug the slimloader into a USB port on your PC (We suggest on the back of you're PC and no extension cable for the best signal).  If your cart cannot be detected by the neo2 software (says "cart not found"), please remove the neo2-lite from the slimloader.  Carefully realign the gold connector on the neo2-lite with the corresponding pins on the Slimloader before re-inserting (this may take several tries to work)
3. Open the neo2 manager software and select the 'Format cart (F)' command under Rom Operations in the left hand pane.  Make sure that the 'quick format' box is NOT selected.  The file 'neoboot.bin' should be displayed at the top of the window.  If everything is ok, click on the 'format' button to proceed with a full format (it should tell you when complete)
4. In neo2 manager, click on the 'Add(A)' command under Rom Operations, and select the gba roms that you want to burn (please remember you can only add up to * Mb) — * refers to the size your neo2-lite.
5. Click on the 'Burn All(B)' command under Rom Operations to burn the gba roms to the neo2 cart.
6. Now plug in your mk4-mini and neo2-lite into your DS and put the mk4-mini in nds mode (another alternative is to NOT insert the mk4-mini at all)
7. Turn on your ds and let it boot into the regular ds menu.  Select gba mode in order to load the neo2 gba menu.  Select the rom that you want to play and press the 'A' button.  There is an alternate boot method for movies/emulators accessible via the 'B' button.

NOTE: The majority of gba roms should be properly supported under the current software.  Please report any non-working gba roms or roms with issues (such as saving problems), and they will hopefully be fixed in a future software update

please discuss this in the discusion topic of this faq.

this works for the neo2-sd/tf also when using it in combination with a slimloader III or IV

 more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3335.0.html


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