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[FAQ] playing NDS games on the neo2-lite

 [FAQ] playing NDS games on the neo2-lite

What you need:
1. A mk4-mini
2. A Neo2-lite
3. A slimloader IV
4. The  Neo2 Manager software (currently v1.60: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3603.0.html )

What to do:
1. Install the software on your pc. 

2. Patch a SINGLE nds rom as follows:
a) Locate the mk4-mini patcher in the following directory on your pc:
    C:/Neo2 Manager/Mk4-Mini Patcher V1.2 for NEO2. 
b) Drag a clean UNZIPPED NDS rom onto the mk4-mini patcher V1.2 icon. 
c) This will create a new file ending in nds.gba

3. Plug the neo2-lite into the slimloader, then plug the slimloader into a USB port on your PC (We suggest the main usb port on the back of the pc and no USB extension cable for the best signal).

NOTE: If your cart is NOT detected by the neo2 software (says 'cart not found') please remove the neo2 flashcart from the SlimloaderIV.  Carefully re-align the golden connectors on the neo2 with the corresponding pins on the SlimloaderIV before re-inserting (this may take several tries to work)

4. Open the neo2 manager software, and select the 'Format Cart(F)' option under Rom Operations in the left-hand pane.  Make sure to check the 'quick' format box.  The file 'neoboot.bin' should be shown at the top of the window.  Next, click the 'format' button to proceed with a 'quick' format (a message should tell you when it is done).

5. In Neo2 manager, click on the 'Add(A)' command under Rom Operations in the left hand pane.  Select the patched rom from step 2 (the one ending in nds.gba). 

6. Click on the 'Burn All(B)' command under Rom Operations to burn the rom to the neo2 cart. It should display 100% when done.

7. Insert both the neo2-lite and the mk4-mini (set to gba-mode) into your DS

8. Turn on you ds — the rom should load automatically

You may only flash a SINGLE NDS rom and no rom larger than 256 Mb using the current software.  These restrictions will be lifted in a future software update — please watch the Neo the Announcements forum…

please discus in the discussions topic of this FAQ.

this works for a neo2-sd/tf in combination with a slimloader III or IV to.

more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3337.0.html 

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