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The finally result for this NEO Summer compo 2007

After around 10 days testing and evaluation, we have got the finally result for this NEO Summer compo 2007, here is the all winners list,congrats them, and thanks their great project!  Smiley

more info: The finally result for this NEO Summer compo 2007


you can check and download all compo projects form here:

for PSP APP (5 winners):   
No.1   [PSP APP] MasterBoy                                           By: Brunni
No.2   [PSP APP] PSP SpreadSheet v2.00                               By: pucelano
No.3   [PSP APP] Bermuda CS 7                                        By: bumuckl

No.4   [PSP APP] Academic Aid – Bring out the real Whiz kid in you!  By: Mr305
No.5   [PSP APP] UFO v5.0                                            By: almost219
for PSP GAME (10 winners):   
No.1   [PSP GAME] Ozone                                By: Helius
No.2   [PSP GAME] Defence Station Portable             By: danzel
No.3   [PSP GAME] HEX-A-HOP                            By: deniska

No.4   [PSP GAME] Times of War (T.O.W.) v4.0           By: Madcupid
No.5   [PSP GAME] Gunnar Hero version 0.20             By: teamsushi
No.6   [PSP GAME] cdogsPSP (C-Dogs/Cyberdogs) port     By: Sektor
No.7   [PSP GAME] Hamtaro Holidays                     By: leviadragon
No.8   [PSP GAME] Dementia v0.1b                       By: Freshmilk
No.9   [PSP GAME] Shoot4Fun                            By: gambiting
No.10   [PSP GAME] QQ Manto v0.5                        By: nataku92

if the nds APP / game come with this icon,then mean it support MK6 / R6 & NDS motion card.

for NDS APP (10 winners):   
No.1   [NDS APP] DSMasterplus <Support Motion>  By: alekmaul
No.2   [NDS APP] DSOrganize 2.9 NeoFlash     By: DragonMinded
No.3   [NDS APP] jEnesisDS 0.5               By: Lordus

No.4   [NDS APP] DSHobro 0.3                 By: Costello
No.5   [NDS APP] Treasures of Gaia           By: stravingo
No.6   [NDS APP] DiagnoSe <Support Motion>     By: spinal
No.7   [NDS APP] Sleeper Killer  <Support Motion>    By: mastertop101
No.8   [NDS APP] PurityDS                    By: rema
No.9   [NDS APP] Dschedule                   By: samel
No.10   [NDS APP] ndsMandel                   By: yJay
for NDS GAME (11 winners):   
No.1   [NDS GAME] Whee!DS 2  <Support Motion>   By: Tassu
No.2   [NDS GAME] Codename Hacker <Support Motion>    By: alekmaul
No.3   [NDS GAME] Meteora Galatic Battle         By: X-Blaster

No.4   [NDS GAME] 11. SLIDING O' MANIA <Support Motion>   By: kukulcan
No.5   [NDS GAME] A cup of tea – V8              By: smealum
No.6   [NDS GAME] Cube-X DS                      By: titoboy666
No.7   [NDS GAME] Dice Roller                    By: OutOfRange
No.8   [NDS GAME] Dstroy                         By: naroin
No.9   [NDS GAME] Earth Invaders 0               By: smealum
No.9   [NDS GAME] Mass Hysteria                  By: OutOfRange
No.10   [NDS GAME] DS All Stars & Adult Version   By: space1

And below is the prize list for all winners, they can choose any ONE item from this list  ( more product info can check at ):

R6 Gold card (for top3 winner to choose only)
R6 Silver card ($49.00)
MK5 GIGA cart 8G with Slim USB Linker (Product ID: NF-065_Slim, $49.00)
MK5 GIGA cart 8G with BIG USB Linker (Product ID: NF-065_BIG, $49.00)
MK6-Motion + NEO3 (Product ID: NM-068, $59.00)
Neo 2in1 Mini PSP convertor (Product ID: NP-039, $79.00)
NEO3-SD NDS Cart for NDS & Lite (Product ID: NF-060, $49.00)
Neo 4in1 Mini PSP convertor (Product ID: NP-045, $89.00)
NEO 8in1 PSP pad – Full support SD/MMC/CF/MicroDrive (Product ID: NP-035,$99.00)
NEO FLash cart 512M for GBA/SP/NDS (Product ID: NF-010, $49.00)
NEO3-TF NDS Cart for nds-lite only (Product ID: NF-061, $49.00)
NEO MK5-key (Product ID: NM-70, $29.00)
NEO Power PC-Engin 64M flash cart (Product ID: NP-040, $109.00)
NEO super SNK MVS Convertor (Product ID: SNK-041, $199.00)
NEO TF USB Pen Driver (Product ID: NT-069,$29.00)
NEO2-SD Flash Cart + SL4 (Product ID: NF-055, $69.00)
NEO2-TF Flash Cart + SL4 (Product ID: NF-056, $69.00)
NEO2 TWIN 2in1 Flash Cart (Product ID: NN-072, $59.00)

All top3 winners will get the extra cash bonus TOO,we will send to their paypal account directly.  Azn
No.1 winner : get US$300.00 bonus
No.2 winner : get US$200.00 bonus
No.3 winner : get US$100.00 bonus

Congrats them again, hope can see you at the next compo again — NEO Spring Compo 2008 (March.20th 2008)!!!

thanks   ~sm-42.gif~

and to all winners : please go to here to tell us what you want for your prize —,4629.0.html


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