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How To win the “NEO Top Reviewer” …

How To win the "NEO Top Reviewer" …

CLOSE TIME: April.5th
more info:,5003.0.html 

the GOOD review examples:
NDS Application reviews  by MagNet
PSP Games reviews  by koollectablz

From this contest we try to use a new judge way — everyone can become the judger! You just need test all contest entering and submit your very detailed test report to us , if can come with your top 10 winner judgment will be best, here have one nice judgment sample come from anjanj26 —,4601.msg31451.html#msg31451 .

We will set a new award — "NEO Professional Reviewer Award" from this contest, we will check all review reports and choose top 3 from NDS division and top 3 from PSP division too, so will have 6 top "NEO Professional Reviewer" will get our prize.

The top 6 NEO Professional Reviewers (3 from NDS/GBA division and 3 from PSP division) can choose anyone item from the final NEO product prize list.

1. Where do the reviewers have to place their reviews? — this zone.

2. And do they have to review all 76 entries, or just the entries of one division or just their top 10? — If you want to review psp only, then you will have chance to win the "NEO Top Reviewer" for PSP devision only; if you review PSP and NDS division both, then you will have chance to win both, it mean NDS division and psp division is not conflict, more review more chance.  ~sm-35.gif~

And as a "professional" reviewer, he(she) should test ALL entries of the NDS and (or) PSP division and give out very detailed report and give out his(her) top10 position too, that's how we judge he(she) can win the "NEO TOP REVIEWER" award or not.  More detailed review more chance  sm-22

3. A very important question arises: Do the reviewers have to make a chart, so that the 1st meantioned/ranked entry in the review gets more points than the 2nd etc.? Or do all top 10 entries of a reviewer get the same points?
— You can make this review by your own way, we don't make so much limit, but yes, a very detailed chart and score list will make your review more professional.  Remember the entry will get more points if it come with motion support and it's "original" entry.

4. Yes, I'd like to know how many entries of a division we should actually test to make our review?  I would only be interested in the NDS division, but would I have to review all the entries or just a selection? — You should review all, but you can give out the detailed report for the "good" entry, and simple report for the normal one.

5. Should games get points for motion support if the motion controls suck?  — YES, support motion function and "original entry" will get points both.

6. Is there a deadline for these reviews?   — it will stop to submit  at April.5th

7. Since "original" and "motion" are +5 what scale are the games supposed to be rated out of? For example:
80/100 +5 to make 85/100, here +5 is worth 5%.
20/30 +5 to make 25/30, here +5 is worth around 15%.  — hum…. it should be worth 5% more, like x 1.05

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