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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2011 is closed! Have 20 entries total

The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2011 is closed! Have 20 entries total            
We will consider should keep to run this compo in 2012 or not,maybe a public poll is need …          
more info:,7147.msg51574.html

Anyway, below is the entries list for this compo 2011:

The APP division, total 8 entries Author            
[PSP APP] pspythagoras by JamesC            
[NDS APP] WhatTheHex by x711Li            
[NDS APP] Wildlife Greenhouse by SimplexProductions            
[NDS APP] TuneItDS by SimplexProductions            
[N64 APP] Myth64 Video Player by Conle            
[DS APP] U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test by DesertDog            
[PSP APP] PSP Music Center by RNB_PSP            
[PSP APP] AnyLanguageStudy v2.0 by nakano            
The GAME division, total 12 entries Author            
[NDS GAME] Flyin' by ds            
[NDS GAME] DScraft by smealum            
[PSP GAME] Hamtaro Holidays v2 by leviadragon            
[PSP GAME] Spacial Wars! by 10$man            
[Wii & GC GAME] Toy Wars by davidgf            
[NDS GAME] Everyman by algraphics            
[PSP GAME] REminiscencePSP v0.2.1 by Sektor            
[NDS GAME] Mind Maze – Neo Compo 2011 Entry by NightFox            
[NDS GAME] Arsenal by smealum            
[SNES GAME] MegaFamilyBros V1.0 by dieudunet            
[NDS GAME] Super Smash Bros Crash! DS  by miguel28            
[PSP GAME] Company v1.0 – Story Edition by nakano            
Now is the time to do your homework — make the nice review to win the TOP NEO REVIEWER award!              
Here is the last time neo review collection:,131.0.html              
We will announce the compo result after 2 weeks, so you have around 10 days to do this homework 🙂

PS: sorry for the later announce,because busy to fix the server problem,seems got some hack attack…

SEE YOU AT NEXT NEO RETRO CODING COMPO AGAIN — Aug.20th 2012? Not sure yet, we need your poll now :,7146.0.html 

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