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IC2005 Smart Shop

SMP – Simple Music Player(N64) 1.2

Okay, here's the next update. This version fixes the issues playing MIDI files – there were two problems: I was freeing memory twice in one place, and the libdragon system memory allocator didn't properly check for running out of memory. Note that when libWildMidi runs out of memory while parsing a MIDI track, it won't […]

Neo N64 Menu v1.9

We are up to v1.9 – so what's new this time around? New default images (trying to avoid any copyright issues), and box art! Box art is only for people using an SD card. While browsing the SD card, the box art for games will be shown when viewing the game options. If you don't […]

Neo N64 Menu v1.8[Updated Aug. 22]

Why am I working on this? I could be working on getting something finished for the summer competition. 

Y'all are just damn lucky I like you. 

So what's new this time around? Well, how about GAMES LOAD TWICE AS FAST! 

Load times are now 0:13 for 4 MBytes, 0:27 for 8 MBytes, […]

N64 Myth flashcart basic video tutorials

View the complete video collection here :,6273.0.html

N64 Myth menu themes

This thread is for posting images you think others might be interested in using with the N64 Myth Menu. Please keep them as directly usable: they must be non-progressive jpegs of 320 pixels width by 240 lines height; they should be named "splash.jpg" (all lower-case) for the splash screen, "browser.jpg" for the browser screen, and […]

Neo N64 Menu v1.6

Don't you hate it when they update on you so quickly! 

Hot on the heels of v1.5, here's v1.6. Fixed a quirk with the game flash menu interpretation so that "odd" banks are dealt with properly. This should take care of those roms that seem to not run from the cart. You could recognize […]

Mic_’s PCE Menu 1.10

My updated menu for the PC-E flash card is now available for download at

The source code (for those interested) is available at

I've only been able to test it on my TurboGrafx so far, but hopefully it should work the same on a PC-Engine.


More information :,6253.0.html


Neo N64 Menu v1.4S (SD) (unofficial) – new GUI(8/8/2010)

This is a new GUI style for Chillywilly's Neo N64 Myth Menu 1.4 Read the included readme for details. 

 Neo N64 Myth Menu 1.4S (SD) (unofficial)————————————

Please read original readme in /src first.This needs the original 1.4 menu already flashed to the N64 Myth U2.

Install notes:Copy directory ".menu" to root of SD card


Neo N64 Menu v1.4(8/8/2010)

Quick update… this fixes the EEPROM load/save (I hope). I tested with Cruis'n USA and Ridge Racer 64 ( a 4k and 16k eeprom game respectively). If you wish to compile your own version of this, you'll need to update your libdragon as well – I added eeprom read/write code to the lib.

I really […]

“Mic_’s” VGM -> HES converter & PCE Player demo!

After I had written my SNES VGM player I was thinking that it shouldn't be that hard to write a playback library for the PC-Engine as well, since the PCE PSG is a wavetable synth just like the SPC. So a couple of days ago I started writing a HuC6280 version of the playback library, […]

“Mic_’s” SNES VGM/VGZ -> SPC player

<<I've created a GUI for the playback code and put together a ROM with 32 handpicked VGMs.Use a real SNES or BSNES to run it, other emulators will likely mess the sound up.>>

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SuperMD Plugin NEO2 Edition v2.2.0.0

<<And…. here's the "final" version of the SuperMD plugin !!I'm saying "final" because there's nothing left to do ,and the "future" is the Deluxe MD bios because the posibilities are endless with this cart(Here's a good chance to say a hugethanks to ChillyWilly for his contributions), so its better to contribute code there.Of course if […]

SNES/SFC Myth menu v0.26

<<I've just released v0.26. See the first post for a download link.

This is mainly a bugfix release, so hopefully the freezes in v0.25 that could occur in some cases should be gone now.

One thing I've added is a "quick" mode for the "Auto region fix" functionality. In this mode only the […]

SNES/SFC Myth menu v0.25 w/ Cheat & Auto-region patching (updated 13/5/2010)

<<The biggest news in this version is that you can now use game genie codes (up to 4 of them).Some of the controls have changed a bit from earlier versions of the menu, but I've included a readme in the zip that explains the controls for all the submenus…..>>

Click here to read […]

NeoMythMenu Deluxe v2.2 !!

<<Okay, here's one of the biggest updates yet. With the combined efforts of yours truly, Conle, and madmonkey, we present v2.2 of the MD menu.

– Long file name support! File names up to 255 characters are allowed, but you really shouldn't go crazy since you can only display 36 in the menu browser list. […]

SNES Myth C Menu 0.20

 << Ok, here it is finally with ROM loading working:

Just the binary: …

Source code: ….

And a short video showing off some of the features:


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NeoMythMenu Deluxe v2.1 – now with GG/Hex cheat support plus ips loading off sd!

<<Here's the next version of the deluxe menu. New to this version is the ability to use Game Genie cheats, and IPS patch files…>>

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SNES Myth menu updated again!

mic_ must really enjoy coding the SNES myth menu, he has submitted another update!

There are now arrows indicating if the games list can be scrolled further down/up. The ROM size, save size, ROM type and DSP type are now also shown. I've picked a slightly darker color for the non-highlighted games to give […]

SNES menu updated with GFX

mic_ has uploaded another update to his snes myth menu build. 

The menu has officially been pimped 

I've updated the menu with some nicer graphics today. The graphics for the second BG layer are compressed using LZSS because it allowed me to fit them in 7kB instead of 20kB. I've included the compressor […]

Snes menu update w/ game listing!

<< …I've got another menu update for you guys to try.

The biggest news here is that it lists up to 8 games at once. The choise of colors are a bit bad since I haven't bothered changing the palette. This list of games should probably be some shade of gray instead, with the currently […]

Open source cross platform myth writter now with N64 FC support !

Madmonkey has just released the most up to date revision of his opensource programmer.

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New blood to the MOD team!

Madmonkey is now part of the NEO modding team.

Read the announcement and say "hi" to this thread .

Madmonkey’s opensource Neo myth programmer(GUI Test version)

Ok, time for gui version. it's not completely finished yet, but usable enough. progress indicators are a bit off, and there could be other "features", though they should not affect a last thought I added vgm support for flash(not sure if it will work, but anyway).menu>64k will work just like 64k menu now.still not […]

The new Neoflash team wiki page announcement & wiki intro guide

Yay! the new neo wiki page is finally up and readyfor your own additions and flashcart reviews!

Visit the main page of the wiki by clicking this link:

More information and how to join the wiki team can be found here

The source code of SNES/SFC Myth Cart menu v0.05

Neoflash team has just released the full assembly source code of SNES/SFC menu.

For more information and technical details click here