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R6 motion menu v3.1.1958 for R6 Silver and Gold [2008-07-12]

R6 motion menu v3.1.1958 for R6 Silver and Gold [2008-07-12]

more info: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,5203.0.html

* Support the first analog motion contorl in the world on the NDS SLOT-1!
* Update the R6 CHEAT CODE database to 2008-07-10 version

analog motion contorl guide

If you have an R6 gold, you can enjoy motion enhancements with many games and utilities.  You can toggle motion patching by hitting Y.  The top line of the menu indicates what style of motion patch is activated.

There are three types of motion patches:

* D-Pad Digital motion – tilt the DS far enough in any direction, and the direction pad will be hit in this direction.  Useful for games where analog control is not useful.
* D-Pad Analog motion –  tilt the DS a little, the D-pad is pushed a little, tilt a lot and it is held.  The degree of tilt corresponds to the frequency of the pulse.  Useful for things such as racing games, where the degree of tilt corresponds to steering.
* Touchpad Analog motion – game specific – this edition works with Mario 64 (see special note below).

In this version of the menu, some games have conflicts with the motion and saving (when motion patches are available).  If a conflict occurs, you will generally see a save error.  To avoid this problem, hold "select" during the conflicting save portions.  Generally, this is at program startup time.  Holding "select" while starting the rom until you see the rom's title screen will often fix this problem.  Holding "select" is also useful for navigating menus with the analog patch. 

CAUTION: backup your save games before trying out motion.  Due to the potential conflicts, if used incorrectly, it can corrupt or remove your save file.  Experiment first with a backed-up save so that you will know the behavior for a specific rom.

Mario 64 motion: This game was originally designed for use with analog control.  Many found the touchpad control awkward.  This motion menu contains a special patch–restoring this game to the originally intended control by substituting the tilt of the DS for the analog stick.  It works with the three methods of control available (selectable in game by hitting start or select).  To activate motion control, hold L, R, or left (whichever is most convenient for your chosen control mode).  You will stop moving when you letting go of the button.  This allows you to readjust the "zero point" of the motion touch panel as well as provide a way to stop moving when you want.  It also allows you to access the touch panel for menus, etc.



Korean version: http://www.neoflash.com/download/R6_motion_menu_v3.1.1958_for_R6_Silver_and_Gold_KOR.rar

English version: http://www.neoflash.com/download/R6_motion_menu_v3.1.1958_for_R6_Silver_and_Gold_ENG.rar


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