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The NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009 have closed already, we have got 47 entries finally

The NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009 have closed already, we have got 47 entries finally, good luck for all coders 😀
more info: NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009  
The PSP APP division, total 9 entries  
  [PSP APP] DayViewer Beta 4 NEO By: Total_Noob
  [PSP APP] PSPconsole v1.7neo By: Hotter
  [PSP APP] Spirograph v0.1 By: Freshmilk
  [PSP APP] PSPTweaker v2.0 By: ab5000
  [PSP APP] PSPCleaner 1.4 Beta NEO By: Migueliziosop
  [PSP APP] periodicpsp [v1.0] By: JamesC
  [PSP APP] AVEC V2 – GPS Vector Map Viewer By: Art
  [PSP APP] AlphaBase v1.0 By: DekraN
  [PSP APP] PSN License Manager 0.40 NeoEdition By: Light_AleX
The PSP GAME division, total 11 entries  
  [PSP GAME] BoxDestroyer v2.3 By: walar
  [PSP GAME] REminiscencePSP NeoFlash Edition By: Sektor
  [PSP GAME] TibiaPSPv0.3 By: LuMa
  [PSP GAME] Lakeside By: Kasumi
  [PSP GAME] [WIP] Cubic Zombies By: A_Noob
  [PSP GAME] ImpGAME v2.1 By: Gefa
  [PSP GAME] DiggerPSP NeoFlash Edition By: Sektor
  [PSP GAME] Portable Bubble v2.0.0 By: Gefa
  [PSP GAME] Random Shooter – Space Shoot 'em up By: Zack
  [PSP GAME] My Snake Pet By: leviadragon
  [PSP GAME] a shooter By: sigutis
The NDS APP division, total 11 entries  
  [NDS APP] Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review By: DesertDog
  [NDS APP] WintenDoS By: darkyesus
  [NDS APP] UA Paint v1.30c By: bassacegold
  [NDS APP] SoundBoardDS By: BranMuffin
  [NDS APP] MorseDS By: Aguilera_87
  [NDS APP] Paint DS By: s_hansse
  [NDS APP] SavSend By: leinad
  [NDS APP] NdsMiiMaker By: Coin-Coin
  [NDS APP] DsOS v0.6 neocompo edition By: Aurelio
  [NDS APP] DSecure By: LucaFraga
  [NDS APP] DSi4DS By: spinal
The NDS GAME division, total 16 entries  
  [NDS GAME] DawnSeekers [important update] By: smealum
  [NDS GAME] Operation Libra By: B12Core
  [NDS GAME] Alien Puzzle By: GEMISIS
  [NDS GAME] Hangman By: Tassu
  [NDS GAME] Stargrazer By: SwedishFish
  [NDS GAME] Lights Off! By: arrpirate
  [NDS GAME] TouchRight! – Featuring Terra the Pessimist! By: hillbilly –
  [NDS GAME] Bouncy Marble V2 By: leinad
  [NDS GAME] You Have To Burn The Rope DS By: LaPatateInc
  [NDS GAME] Seek And Recharge By: samel
  [NDS GAME] DSDice By: M. Lucanius
  [NDS GAME] Five_Error By: Tiwaz
  [NDS GAME] OMG WTF By: arrpirate
  [NDS GAME] DronS V1.6 By: leinad
  [NDS GAME] Around The Clock By: Gaz
  [NDS GAME] Xplosive Combat  By: fooshi
From now is the review time, please post your review to here — The reviews collection zone, to win the $100 or other top neo prize 🙂
NEO summer compo 2009 review close time: Sep.5th 2009  
NEO summer compo 2009 final result announce time: Sep.10th 2009

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