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NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008 is closed, have 67 entries total!


NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008 is closed, have 67 entries total!

ok very nice compo again, got 67 entries total!  Tongue 

now the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008 is closed, we start to collect all files and test them, and sure,we start to wait your great review too (the review deadline is Sep.5th 2008) sm-22

more info:,5331.0.html

  PSP APP Division: (12 entries total)    
  [PSP APP] nandTool 0.4NEO   By: cory1492
[PSP APP] Easycxmb v3 By: stefyx7
[PSP APP] PSParticlePlayer 1.0 By: MK2k
[PSP APP] IBrowse – Filebrowser and Minishell By: grafele
[PSP APP] The Good Bookr 1.2 neo By: phosphorous
[PSP APP] Xplora v1.6 By: ne0h
[PSP APP] PSP Hardware Alarm Suite 2.6 bld 1648  By: Mr305
[PSP APP] PaintMIXER v2.6.0 By: Gefa
[PSP APP] QuickView  By: slicer4ever
[PSP APP] PSP-Maps  By: royale
[PSP APP] Faintless Maker  By: sora101
[PSP APP] pspSecretary  By: ab5000
PSP GAME Division: (15 entries total)    
  [PSP GAME] Newton Powered By: mr_haricot
[PSP GAME] A Warrior Journey By: leviadragon
[PSP GAME] Shooter By: Slasher
[PSP GAME] Geometry Wars! By: Sturatt
[PSP GAME] 1945 The War Is Now By: Gefa
[PSP GAME] Box Destroyer By: walar
[PSP GAME] Abe's Amazing Adventure By: Zack
[PSP GAME] Stacker By: j
[PSP GAME] Blob Volleyball By: Slasher
[PSP GAME] Minesweeper By: sg57
[PSP GAME] PSPBillards By: slicer4ever
[PSP GAME] X-pired 1.22 PSP R1 By: MK2k
[PSP GAME] iPong By: Tanos
NDS APP Division: (16 entries total)    
  [NDS APP] PAINT BLACK DS v1.0 By: Cid2Mizard
[NDS APP] Neko DS By: ThemePark
[NDS APP] ApprenticeMinusDS 0.4.0 – SMS/GG emulator By: Lordus
[NDS APP] UA Paint V 1.10 By: bassacegold
[NDS APP] Project JDS By: AshaiRey
[NDS APP] SunOL v0.2alpha By: SunDEV
[NDS APP] Wintendos XP By: darkyesus
[NDS APP] Balik Bayan DevWifi – Develop fast with wifi By: soulanger
[NDS APP] Crocodingus in Cube Island By: madpxl
[NDS APP] MENUdo [Coffee Sabaw Demo] By: soulanger
[NDS APP] sDepS – A pedometer for the Nintendo DS By: tobiasbp
[NDS APP] DSBrowser – Dual Slot By: cornaljoe
[NDS APP] DSbible 2.5 By: Jeremysr
[NDS APP] graphDS v0.8b By: morganDS
[NDS APP] Micro By: samel
[NDS APP] DSBash  By: leinad
NDS/GBA GAME Division: (24 entries total)    
  [NDS GAME] StillAliveDS By: t4ils
[NDS GAME] RapidRollDS By: wolped
[NDS GAME] Video Games Hero By: sumiguchi
[NDS GAME] Marble By: Noda
[NDS GAME] 20. Dev-Fr Sliding Community  By: kukulcan
[NDS GAME] ***y Blackjack Trainer featuring Sunny Leone/Sora Aoi By: DesertDog
[NDS GAME] ManyChessDS By: Sephiroth_FF7
[NDS GAME] Legion (&Legion Online) – Updated By: smealum
[NDS GAME] Game Trivia Catechism -The Secret of Mister X- By: DesertDog
[NDS GAME] Feed Tux By: Mony
[NDS GAME] Crocodingus in Cube Island By: birslip
[NDS GAME] DronS By: leinad
[NDS GAME] Totitoes By: Cortes48
[NDS GAME] MastermindDS By: GuSec
[NDS GAME] Legend of Beneshov DEMO By: Programix
[NDS GAME] Geografika By: morganDS
[NDS GAME] Xump DS By: Reppa
[NDS GAME] Crack Attack  By: samel
[NDS GAME] Element DS  By: lobo
[NDS GAME] 12. Maouss DS  By: kukulcan
[NDS GAME] DSCube By: Sepro
[NDS GAME] NightFox's Colors By: NightFox
[NDS GAME] Inside the Machine By: morukutsu
[NDS GAME] 18. Escape By: neumann


see you at March.20th 2009, the coming NEO Spring Coding Compo 2009!

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